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October 2016


Been working on some designs for my next project, #lybrary. It’ll be a totally open source web app but is being used for a #uni project. Yesterday and today I’ve been doing some mockups in Sketch and I’m actually really happy with how they’ve turned out. I’m nothing close to a designer but I feel these are quite simple and pleasing to the eye. They also convey the content quite well and centre the important bits.

I’m hoping to get a blog post up about it soon!

September 2016


Pretty happy with the proposal for my #FinalYearProject, I’m going to run it through with my course leader tomorrow and hopefully my personal tutor at some point this week. Then I’ll make any final amendments to clarify the idea and I can submit it and push it out of the way.


Today we had a little assessment via unit tests. It was super easy just a bit of html css and js. Finished in about 30 minutes and submitted. That’s 10% of the module mark achieved on the first day of uni at 100% which i’m pretty happy with. It wasn’t hard at all though, all stuff you pick up on your first website so it was just a little speed flex really.

26 Sep 2016

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On Friday I managed to configure the majority of a #vagrant #environment for my #FinalYearProject. I’m just finishing off the MySQL configurations now. The process has been fun as I’ve decided to play with ansible for the first time. It’s actually incredibly easy though the docs don’t cater so well to someone new to automated infrastructure building. Most of my learnings came from Stackoverflow and blog posts with the docs to support it and understand things better.

First day of proper lectures today, I’m trying to figure out a project idea for the front end web dev module. None of the lecture content seems to be new so I really just want to crack on with it asap and get the project out of the way. I need to sort the proposal and idea first though, I’m thinking about doing a “student dashboard” or something which pulls in data from the uni and displays it.

Once this environment is finished I’ll move back onto my final year project proposal and finish writing that one though.


It’s been a while since I’ve been here but it’s time to start going at it again. Loads to report for the past couple of days.

1) Returned to uni after a 2 year gap of working in the industry. I put in most of the work for the degree already so I may as well finish it off. Only 9 months and I’ll be back working again! 2) Already written the first draft of my honours project proposal. I’m now officially running 2 months ahead of schedule. 3) Just started submitting for ethical approval. It seems storing user data has ethical questions around it so I’ve got that ball rolling right already. The project isn’t due to start until after Christmas officially though.

Today I’ll be setting up environments for all of this years projects. Should save myself a few days of work further down the line with that.

22 Sep 2016

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January 2016


Fixed a fairly frustrating bug on the new app today. It’s going through peer review with Ry at the moment, hopefully he’s happy with my re-work of a large chunk of workflow in the code base! Managed to remove a lot of code which was really good as well.

02 Jan 2016

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Finishing some work on the current #vintus project which is due on the 10th. Not sure it’ll be pretty but it’ll be functional! We’re going to release it anyone and then we’ll get to grips with design for android / ios and start making it look nicer. Perhaps it’ll be a chance for us to find a designer to “test drive”.

December 2015


Taken the first step of 2016 a bit earlier. Not sure where my future is going, it may be back to #uni after two years in the industry in the next academic year but I’ve started investigating the possible options. #newyear #2016.

Tomorrow will be some more work on the app for #vintus. Release date is still set for 10th so hopefully we’ll be able to stick to that if we really super nail down! Only a few things to clear up and some major styling work. I’ll be spending my time heavily working on the designs of the main screen and making android axml do what I tell it to do!


So cont. deployment for mobile apps really really sucks at the moment. With web it’s so easy to just push an update and have it available to everyone there and then but for mobile it’s so much harder. I wonder if there’s anything that can be done about that, iOS is an even bigger pain because it has a huge wait time for the approval process and you are required to have a mac for builds.

It’s the number one thing I dislike about mobile development and the only thing making me like web more right now!

31 Dec 2015

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At the moment I’m trying to learn more about #Ruby and #RubyOnRails, start learning #FSharp, working on an app for #vintus, covering a lot of decision mathematics again because maths is hella important and learning about startups. I’m finding myself struggling to split my time effectively between all of them and so I think I’m going to have to cut F# for a while sadly. I really adore functional programming and F# has been incredibly interesting but I’m still at a real beginner stage and I’m still trying to skill up on Rails.

From today forward I’ll be focusing on the app for Vintus and my Ruby on Rails work. Hopefully the app will be released in early/mid January so then I’ll have that off of my plate for a little bit, then I can come back to learning about startups and checking out a bit of F# again.