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February 2016


For the first time since I graduated, I got to use these #algorithms (Dynamic Programming, and Combinatorics) on a client project to solve a processing intensive problem. Finally! thank God. Feeling pretty cool now :D! Moral: Stay in school it will pay off in 7 years :D

December 2015


just learned #ES6, lots of cool features from #python and #ruby made it in this version. Simi-colons and curly braces did not go anywhere though ^_^ ! I am just glad I don’t have to learn TypeScript or CoffeScript to use these features


writing a reporting site for #ynab (the budgeting tool), I am missing income reports because the app is targeted to people with steady income.


Reviewing my resume. kinda bummed that is still has room for listing programming contest activities back in 2007 (my college days). That is quite uneventful!

14 Dec 2015

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Here is my #Timebox zero day launch results:

  1. bouncing rate is through the roof 80% (saw that coming, probably I will be the only user for this app)
  2. Got hits from some Macs and high Linux ratio! (the #LittleLogs effect)
  3. almost 30% mobile visitors (did not see that coming, they must have hated it!)
  4. There is a Windows Phone user out there in my network! (show your self :D)

October 2015


Been very ill the last couple of weeks. finally feeling a bit better now, and I finished up more work on my task management project. Needs alot of #CSS work, but I think I am close to releasing it. demo

September 2015