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October 2016


Working steadily with #typescript now, jasmine/karma testing is a blast and actually starting to see dev team I work with write almost similar code. On the #rails front trying to find a decent content editor that works well with angular, sticking with mercury editor for now.

September 2016

June 2016


Made a few long overdue changes to #ep, now just watching the #aws outage rage on twitter. It seems their Zone-B datacenter is down but Zone-A unaffected so far. Probably related to the awful weather they are having.

May 2016


Preparing for EnergyPledge launch this weekend, mostly UI stuff and writing more tests for a bit of confidence. Excited and terrified at the thought of some actual traffic. Made some major progress with #webpack at my dayjob getting our assets down to a third of their previous size.

April 2016


Managed to get a CRM with dashboards to staging inside a week, running on 0 sleep and 4-5 coffees. Certainly much faster with #rails and #angular than I was last year, but also thank god for Postgres JSON support.

March 2016

December 2015

September 2015


Responsive styling some core pages, bootstrap helping to an extent but having to write loads of CSS within media queries.

25 Sep 2015

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Wrote some nifty reflective #Java code to handle swapping out XML schemas, but spent far too long dealing with JAXB namespace issues.

August 2015

July 2015

June 2015


Building a simple admin dashboard to visualize error tracking. Not something I care about, but management types seem to love pretty things.

04 Jun 2015

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May 2015


Avoiding reading up on deployment to beanstalk, instead reading Practical OO design in #Ruby which arrived in the post today. Awesome so far