Keep a social journal of your work progress as you make and learn things.

June 2017


A short update on what I’ve been working on lately

  • Paused development on #Chronicle as it’s going to take more time than I have savings to burn at this point. Now focusing on developing smaller apps, aiming to have one done by the end of this month.
  • Brought #Heroic to a fully playable private alpha state. That’s finally happening next week.
  • Been puttering away on #music the odd night here and there. Finally, have the equipment to start recording and publishing little bits each night. Going to try that tonight if my dentist appointment doesn’t leave me ruined.
  • In personal news, starting a #keto diet. Doing the shopping in an hour, should be fun!

May 2017

April 2017


Been sick, but getting back in the swing of things. Recorded two #podcast ideas for anchor, with two separate friend groups. I think I’ll get around to editing later in the week.

Did a couple little things for #chronicle. Added support for a logo in the drawer, wrote some utility code for manipulating the cards, and fixed some small UI inconsistencies.


Did some planning for #chronicle today. Have a beautiful project plan 90% done, it’s helped me clarify who my audience might be, and what my priorities should thus be. I’ll be sure to share it if this project is a success.

Also been fiddling around anchor. There are a couple cool shows I’m digging, I’m definitely going to experiment with that later this week. Really easy way to dip my feet into making a #podcast

March 2017


Been stuck with #chronicle the last 24 hours. App refuses to inflate my custom viewpager. Been trying every suggestion on stackoverflow to no avail. If I get stuck any longer I’ll post a question on a couple forums, rollback to my last commit and work on a different feature. 🙃


Most of the day was spent out with friends and family. Got a little done.

  • Timing changes. Rescheduled a recording session for #patreon, and made a decision to slow #invasion work for a few weeks while my partner prepares for a potential career switch.
  • Pushed through a couple frustrating problems around #chronicle (new name for #wireapp). Have the navigation drawer working (FINALLY), am moving on to recycler view + tablayout.

Although I don’t feel productive, things are good. Scheduling helped!

  • Finished a draft of #freelancing content. Took longer than expected.😪 Started with a design I didn’t like, and ended up redoing it. A reminder never to rush.
  • Been playing piano, recording to encourage good practice. Discovered I overcomplicate when playing, and have since benefited from lowering the # of chord changes I do. I’m improving, would love to release an album soon! #music
  • Got stuck in unity for #invasion, scheduled a call to go over things with a friend. Everything should be👌 tomorrow.
  • Had a good meeting for #patreon. Now have a list of launch tasks, and a deadline of 2 weeks for a content queue. I’m confident the content will be good, but am realistic that it’ll take time to gain traction and make it profitable.
  • Had a (slightly silly) idea around #minimalism. Going to restrict myself to one bowl, plate, utensil and bottle, and wash each every time. Might be nice not to use the dishwasher.

Did some scattered work today. A little bit on #invasion , some #music recording, but nothing substantial otherwise.

I’ve realized I need to start a habit of strictly scheduling what I’m doing and exactly when. I think I can attribute all of my success Monday to the great planning I did.

I’ll plan out the rest of today and tomorrow and report back!


So-so day today. Mostly recovering from my crazy night last night. Need some ☕️

  • Worked on the #patreon for 1-2 hours today. We’re almost ready to create a queue of content.
  • Worked 1-2 hours on ambient music for the game. #invasion I wanted something to listen to while designing, I’d like the music and the mechanics to synergize well so might as well start early!
  • Got some potential work from a business friend. Also scheduled a meeting.

Simplified! #minimalism Thanks @blackshaman for your tag, the mention of minimalism sparked me to be more focused in my work.

Since my last log:

  • Overhauled my portfolio
  • Drafted a website for my web design work with my friend. Hoping our projects will finish up so i can showcase them on the site.
  • Started drafting a #patreon page for my musician roommate. Also made him a website. He’s really good. 😀
  • Recorded a couple episodes of a podcast I’m doing with my work friend. Don’t expect to attract any serious audience, more to showcase our funny chats and encourage us to have productive conversations to record.
  • Started a Unity game with that same friend. He’s a wizard in that engine and with my new marketing skills I’d like to actually make us some money.

Probably forgot something. Also had an incredible night. Skipped sleep to work on projects, and boy did it pay off! 💪


Had a bit of a productivity slump halfway through the week, still chugging away on my new app idea. Progress is being made, currently writing a system to control all of my UI through one unified set of methods.

February 2017


Despite lazy days, I’ve clocked 7-8 hours on the app new idea so far. Not working as fast as I’d like as I’m still on UI, but if I can double the hours worked by the end of tomorrow I should be almost halfway there. Realistically, I’m aiming to finish the frontend in <40 hours. 💪


Been doing mostly work on #websites the past few days. Also did an assessment of my project ideas, and realized there is one app idea I had that I hadn’t given proper thought to. Could be worth dropping everything for and pursuing over the next month. We’ll see!


After some time off (exploring downtown Kamloops mostly), I did some interesting work. 😊

  • Dreaming about the future of #overture and writing up a plan. In particular, I’d like to write some music specifically for video to build up a portfolio. Also collaborate with a friend. I came up with some processes and how I could do it all efficiently in a short amount of time.
  • Small planning and edits for #Heroic
  • Did some planning for the Shakespeare score #music

Done! Totally underestimated my #Heroic work, but I’m finally (20 hours later) 90% full playtest completion.

Planning to loosen up the next few days, maybe go for a hike and not rush the final edits. Also will be pushing on some #overture related research.


Today didn’t quite go as planned. Had some great accomplishments nonethless.

  • Organized my Notion workbook to better serve my current needs.
  • Walked around and planned a running route.
  • Had a get-together with old friends and family.
  • Cleaned the house.
  • Did some big edits on #heroic (~4 hours worth). Between what I accomplished in early January and today, I’m almost ready to test it with a group. No more isolated tests with incomplete content, the real deal. 😀

Really unproductive week. 😞 That’s ok, I have a week off of school to reboot and get stuff together. Did a big brain dump of everything I want to achieve, will report daily on what I do! #school


Well this last month has been a busy blast.

Got back in #school, been building websites for a couple folks in town, moved near University, and started scoring music for a Shakespeare play. I’ll start logging my progress again soon!

January 2017


Revised a couple more classes today, namely the Rogue, Sorcerer and Druid. Also settled on a finalized character sheet design to copy all of the plain text content into. Ported the Barbarian into that. So, with the misc. moves and content I cut today, that leaves 13,000 words in my queue (down from 16,000!). Good progress. #Heroic


Big strides today, despite the inevitable brain fog of New Years day. Rewrote the Monk and Ranger moves, and made some big decisions on how I’m going to focus the scope of the game (cutting content, merging mechanics / classes, etc.). Aiming to finish my first draft of the content by Tuesday. #Heroic

December 2016


Not quite New Year over here, but the prospect of 2017 has been super inspiring. Redid all the Paladin moves and started on the Cleric ones since last log. #Heroic

Also had last day of work yesterday! Funny story: locked myself out of the building in my socks and the icy parking lot, so I’ve gotta go back there next week for my backpack + computer. Oops. But the prepping for #school begins!


Updated my #music template so I can trigger every sound independent from the computer, direct from the keyboard. Nice! Also redid my music workspace. #overture

Churned out a lot of work for #Heroic over the past days. The Barbarian moves are all redone. All is left will be to strengthen the internal synergy, but I can already feel which direction I want to take it.


Ok, it’s done! Revised, organized, and / or edited about 15,000 words of game content. It’s now in a clean structure where I should be able to work on it daily (Clear spaces to start and stop editing). #Heroic Now back to music this week.


Been all over the place lately. Bit of work on #Heroic content, but nothing else substantial. I’ve decided to devote this week to converting all my scrap notes for #Heroic content into digital. Then print it all out so I can spend a little bit of time here and there polishing it in the evenings, and devote the rest of my time to other projects.


Lazy weekend, but I got some done.

  • Idea sort is taking longer than I thought but I’m close, real close. Lots of of great experiments to try in future (one by one). #minimalism
  • Also sorted my Drive, and merged Dropbox into it. Looking through old photos and memories was difficult and good.
  • Figured out how to automate Character Sheet generation in Google Docs. #heroic
  • Moved all my music stuff to a repo. Everything is united now, and I can experiment with using issues as my todolist. #overture

Was super sleepy today, noticed my mind didn’t want to focus hardly at all. Just another reason to prioritize rest.

  • Almost done stage 2/3 of Instapaper clean out - exporting the notes. By the end of it I’ll have about 20,000 words to sort through and turn into actions. Whew! Then on to the next #minimalism experiment
  • Got on yet another tangent - remade #Heroic character sheet as a Google Doc. Will be incredibly easier to update, and the system forces me to make it simpler (better!). Now am setting that off to the side.

My break from the web has been great! Didn’t do a complete shutdown, but limited what I consumed. Definitely going to be a habit I strive to implement weekly. #productivity

The real affect showed in how much I was able to produce last week. Five songs! Very proud of this new momentum, feels great to work on what I love. #overture

November 2016


Great progress on #overture. Been super focused the last days and got 10+ hours of work done. Nice!

Also got inspiration from a recent Art of Manliness podcast to take an Internet fast. Goals: reclaim presence, build sense of self, be bored and inspired, get connected, and do work! Here goes nothing! #productivity


The Devil’s Christmas wrung me into purchasing all manner of fun sounds: tin flutes, glass synths, and drums of ice and metal. Although it’s been exceedingly fun, I’m making a note to ban myself from buying any more samples for a while. Big joyous distraction. #overture


Had great progress on #music. Mostly iteration over 1/3 pieces from the weekend. Also reading about composition techniques and interviews with composers I admire: Hans Zimmer, Olafur Arnalds, and Music.StackExchange threads. Beginning to understand how to create powerful dynamics! #overture

Also priotizing #reading. Moved from pocket to instapaper, working on small reads about productivity and presence in life. Really enjoying the process of reading, note taking, and internalizing. Recently had the epiffany that I’d like to prioritize this self-improvement reading over political commentary.


Hello weekend!

Not a lot of focused work done this week. My clean out was a big time sync (now finally done!) #minimalism, so I’m dropping further music work this week in favor of finishing goals for #WireApp. Also got distracted with #Heroic yesterday, need to stop and work strictly on one thing at a time.

Positive thing is I’ve kept exercising, relationships, and reading despite the other chaos!


Sleepy day - but a good day.

Spent hours cleaning out clutter. Got rid of more books, school leftovers, junk like watches, and shirts never worn. Ran out of boxes! #minimalism Started on Google Drive, I’ll be keeping that which I’ll reasonably ever use.

Today started well, woke up on time and spun out 30 minutes of code before work! #WireApp For this evening, gaming computer is unplugged, which will fight the evening pressure to laze out. Will keep tuning in to AOM podcasts on my way home, great practical info.