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January 2016



  1. User Stories - I will use #Trello as my agile storyboard / user story management and change management
  2. Wireframes - I will use #Axure for wireframes and mock prototyping.
  3. Environment setup - I will use #XAMPP on a local machine with #MySQL as the chosen database and #PHP as my chosen programming language.
  4. Code Management - I will use #bitbucket to practice the behaviour of managing code branches and merging.
  5. Other Technologies - I will employ #css but most probably a bit later once the functional aspects have been covered. The likelihood also is, if I find another technology which assists in meeting the use case and it can be implemented I will. i.e. #JSON / #JQUERY.


Thanks #Littlelogs community for the opportunity to share this with you, sorry the post is too long.


MME – ManageMyEnergy #MME

Project Description

ManageMyEnergy is a project which will use the hashtag of #MME in future. ManageMyEnergy aims to take much of my consulting experience to date and apply real world use cases to help maintain the flow of both momentum and enthusiasm in this project. I guess the more you think about it (relating it to work and real world) the more your likely to trigger the want/need to progress it further.

Project Approach

I will use #littlelogs as my client/public accountability and blog on a set frequency (for which I’m yet to agree). I aim to be as agile as possible in terms of going through the various stages of design and implementation but I also don’t want to be too rigid that it kills my inspiration or enthusiasm. I will use #Trello for storyboard and related task management. I will utilise a number of technologies for which, I would be happy to take suggestions from the #littlelogs community on alternatives as I progress.


First post on Littlebogs.

  1. Shoutout to @kateo for the recommendation and invite to sign up.

  2. Shoutout also to @Belle and @Josh for creating a site like this to help the more creative minds blog their thoughts and help keep themselves publicly accountable also. Neat site, well done.

I’ve thought about posting for a few days, I’d committed to @Kateo that I’d post ASAP as she was as keen as I was to put something, anything, up. The problem was, I wasn’t quite sure what to write (still don’t) but i’m writing it anyway.

11 Jan 2016

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