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March 2016

  • met with my boss/mentor for my bi-weekly progress #report over breakfast, or what I call a “meet’n’eat” #PM #prodev
  • reviewed and fed back on user journey maps that our designer has been heads down on this past week #UX #design
  • had a sneak peek at v1.0 of versioning (pun intended) for our full page editor, aiming to start mapping out preliminary test cases/coverage later this afternoon #MVP #QA
  • powered through a few #support emails

Easy going Monday afternoon (minus a bug report that came through right at 5pm as I was running out the door - yipes).

  • brainstormed ideas on how to make our first of many Product-Editorial inter-departmental recurring meetings (and our #feedback loop in general) most efficient. sent off my proposal to both teams. #internalcomms
  • R&D: best practices & tools to capture lead emails for prospects who are viewing our sample strategy. Whipped up a proposal and set up a meeting to take our Sales team through it. #research #sales #marketing #BD

R&D: best practices for #sales process #surveys (style & content). Got a little sidetracked as I went down the rabbit hole of analyzing survey styles tailored for evaluating sales representatives, but from an employer’s perspective - not that of a customer’s. Got back on track and synthesized my findings.

Gotta figure out how to integrate this into our overall #custsat survey strategy as it’s a bit separate from evaluating our products/services as it’s earlier in the customer journey. Ideally this is automatically sent out immediately after the initial sales transaction.



Wednesday wasn’t as much of a write-off as I had anticipated. A few meetings got pushed, leaving me a nice block of time in the afternoon to do a full round of acceptance testing for some tweaks made to our Marketing site and to get a handle on some GA dashboard navigation pro tips from our resident power user. #QA #analytics #laterlog

February 2016


Published my first industry-specific piece in a while on Medium. Entitled “XX+UX: Tales from the Design Frontier (from a non-designer)”, it’s a recap of key takeaways from a design meetup I attended (per my previous log).

Was a bit hesitant at first as it marked my first piece regarding a discipline I don’t specialize in, but I’m lucky I had a few designer friends to help me beat it up. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. :) #writing #blogging #design

  • Met with my boss/mentor for my bi-weekly progress #report (fave meeting). Looking back to celebrate the personal victories over the past weeks and discussing challenges/learnings feels awesome. 👊 #prodev #persdev
  • Did some light R&D around web app analytics dashboards… we track virtually everything using custom events and widgets in GA but in terms of visualizing data in a more intuitive/consumable way for internal reporting, it’s not my fave (exporting/entering stuff into sheets is not fun). Looked into other tools like Localytics which we’ve used before, as well as Mixpanel and Flurry. Will meet with our tech lead to see what he recommends. 👓 #research #data #analytics #tracking #reporting
  • Sent over a rough outline #proposal for a piece for our #blog re: how I use #Slack. 💬
  • attended a webinar this morning hosted by #SurveyMonkey and #Google researchers re: optimizing surveys for mobile; figure it’d be relevant in light of the work I’ve been doing to recalibrate for our next batch of #custsat surveys. It was pretty insightful with actionable tidbits 👌
  • had a big powwow with our Social/Content Marketer to riff on ideas for: keeping our #newsletter #content/style fresh, developing our #Medium strategy, and using #Slack to foster more productive brainstorms ⚡️


  • rounded out acceptance testing and did a round of post-deploy smoke testing for our first client-facing feature 👓 #QA #testing
  • sent off a #proposal for our #custsat survey distribution timing (cadence) for our next/future distro cycles 🔄
  • our entire (newly fleshed out) #Product team had our first powwow (we try to keep all-hands meetings to a minimum as they tend to be expensive) to talk/think through our half-baked approach for implementing versioning for our full-page editor. We had a pretty solid brainstorm sesh 💭 #MVP #PM


  • 💼 been making a conscious effort in having more of a presence on LinkedIn (as I’ve neglected the platform these past few months). Spruced up my profile. #personalbranding #prodev
  • 💐 helped my aunt with some messaging for responses to an interview for a digital publication within the floral interior decor design space. Always refreshing to take on little writing assignments that are far outside my industry/tech bubble. #ghostwriting



Made some strides last week with getting back into the groove of attending industry events. I realize I’ve become a little rusty in that domain. What’s networking, amirite? 😅

  1. ‘Startup Ladies’ - an ad hoc casual networking event put on by some kickass ladies in the local startup scene to serve as a time to connect with like-minded people and generally a support system

  2. XX + Women in UX - started at Google (exclusively hosted in SF up until now), I was fortunate to attend the very first one hosted in Vancouver - there was a fireside chat featuring badass lady designers from Microsoft and Shopify. My primary reason for having a presence at this event was in the spirit of empathy in the workplace. Though I’m not a designer myself, I find UX/design in general to be integral to the work that I do. I’ll seize any opportunity to gain a richer understanding of it by surrounding myself with those who do it, and who do a dang good job at it.

#womenintech vibes strong! 🙋 #prodev

  • CuSat presentation went well. The progress report I whipped up was well-received. Identified clear immediate next steps towards tying up loose ends for our remediation program and for prepping for our next batch of surveys #custsat
  • did a first pass for improvements to a feature + a new client-facing page. Gathered some good #feedback from the team, and prioritized the mission critical ones. Aiming to round out #acceptance #testing coverage early next week. #usability



Because nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like putting in a solid work sesh, right? 😜

  • marketing site web #performance #reporting; likely one of my last as I’ll be turning regular reporting duties over to our Content Marketer soon
  • got a thread started with the biz dev team to discuss some potential manual testing plans to support our outreach/lead gen efforts. #QA #BD
  • made some tweaks to our project management weekly #workplan sheet (only a matter of time until we’d get more granular with documenting streams of work with our growing team). Thinking of looking into tools like Aha! and daPulse for visualizing streams of work as it relates to our product roadmap (think: project meets product management) - anyone have any positive experiences in using these or any others? #PM
  • weekly workplan at-a-glance Sunday night ritual. #prep



Today consisted of:

  • confirming a fix for the URL scraper our writers use to add writing samples to their portfolio page (treating non-html & non-existent urls more gracefully by throwing error messages rather than hanging indefinitely, or crashing) #QA #testing
  • sitting in (read: absorbing) on a meeting with our #dev team and #backend advisor to brainstorm ways we can approach versioning for our full page editor
  • prioritizing #product feedback to inform #sprints over the next couple weeks #PM
  • postmortem on working remotely; good learnings all around #admin

Week at-a-glance ritual per usual consisted of:

  • Cleaning up my #Trello board for scrum (archiving last week’s wins, reshuffling #priorities, adding new #project cards)
  • Mind mapping my #workplan for the week ahead (fleshing out said Trello cards with streams of work involved)
  • Cleaning up my inbox (mentally bookmarking product/service newsletters for later & gauging which messages to take a look at first thing tomorrow)

#admin #PM #prep #weekendgrind


Feeling refreshed after a long weekend, having caught up on some R&R after my first week back from 2.5 weeks of working remotely.

Eager to get back into the groove of logging inches of progress made on here :)

09 Feb 2016

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January 2016


Opened my work inbox for the first time since signing out before the holidays. Crazy how tempted I was to check in throughout, but proud to not have succumbed the temptation 😌. My inbox catchup prioritization method:

  1. Mark all product/service newsletter messages as read (which reminds me I should probably activate or something similar soon)
  2. Scan to see if any urgent subject lines are screaming at me
  3. Mark any messages that require my response and chip away at catching up on / crafting those messages

Forgot to schedule “while I was away” debriefs with the product team & lone support gal who covered me before I left, so I should probably do that now.

Aaand we’re back.

03 Jan 2016

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Educational game night with my cousins…

  • 🐏 Had a lesson in resource management (Catan)
  • 🏢 Brushed up on my business & real estate skills (Monopoly)
  • 🕹 Practiced some self defense (Tekken)


03 Jan 2016

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December 2015

  • finished up my holiday shopping yesterday
  • rounded out the last few errands before tonight’s Christmas Eve family dinner

24 Dec 2015

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And cue: Vacation mode!

I have a laundry list of personal, mini creative projects and things that I’d like to check off before the new year. Some things I’ve kept myself busy with this past week:

  • 🎧 Curated my winter Soundcloud playlist - haven’t spent too much time on this platform, but was still nice to round up the few artists I had discovered on it these past few months.
  • 🎧 Curated my final Rdio playlist 😭 - Trying to milk the streaming service for the remainder of the day while I still can.
  • 📷 Whipped up a photo book capturing my first cruise experience from earlier this year. Was my first time using Shutterfly, so I’m anxious to see how it turns out!
  • 💻📱 Curated my Apps of 2015 list in the form of a Product Hunt Collection (aptly). Shout out to #littlelogs! 😎

#music #photos #travel #creative


Last week was a whirlwind, with our staff holiday party on Thursday making Friday virtually a write-off. Proud of myself for honouring all my meetings and deliverables nevertheless. The biggest things I needed to close the loop on before peacing out for the rest of the year:

  • 💓 customer satisfaction remediation efforts - making sure the results had been communicated to those accountable and that action items to address customer #feedback had been relayed and in motion. #custsat
  • 👓 year-end #newsletter - #QA-ing and scheduling it for optimal delivery
  • 🔨 January #product work plan - helped identify and map out #priorities and #projects to be tackled at the top of the new year. #PM