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September 2015


As I coded for $day_job today I really settled into listening to dubstep at first, then a song by Ott on repeat (Rogue Bagel), to push through on some code. Completed what I had hoped for the day, so that's a success! Now to weekend projects!

12 Sep 2015

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So on the Android front: thinking I'm being way too optimistic about my chances of getting anywhere at my newb stage without just using Android Studio, at least for generating projects and adding templates. Even if I do, though, I will be doing the bulk of my editing in Emacs and Atom, I expect. Android Studio would just be for following the official tutorial and setting up initial environment or adding things from available templates. I'm just not a huge fan of IntelliJ-based products at the moment (great as they no doubt are). #android #ide #emacs #atomeditor


Yah, I think it makes sense to stick with ant and the other default tools that the SDK prefers until I understand more about Android development overall. Simply eschewing Android Studio alone is providing a formidable handicap.

07 Sep 2015

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For funsies, used the Android SDK android utility (rather than Studio IDE) to generate a project skel for an android app. Now trying to figure out what its generated build configurations are meant to do. Not sure I really want to use ant, but I may have no reasonable alternative. #Java #Android #Ant

August 2015