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March 2017


Missed a few days of logs…

Worked on: #ProductMarketing campaigns in Hubspot, which has become easier to use, but still frustrated by having to work in multiple tabs in order to be efficient. More #UserInterviews. Jumping back in with the training team for one day soon to help out there. Knowledge base work is going slowly due to other projects for both me and others on the project. Read through all articles in Pocket.



Worked on: Project timelines, meeting notes, strategies for getting more #UserInterviews, virtual fun Friday for team building, experiments for training, engagement emails, reviewing notes from paper and Evernote, inbox 7…

Challenges: Establishing firm deadlines with many stakeholders involved at various stages in multiple projects (wow).


The product person’s first responsibility is to bring order to chaos.



Worked on: Content audit for the Resource Center, evaluating to see if current content relates to features in the software, #UserInterviews, #ProductMarketing brainstorming, more Hubspot, joined planning team for company hackathon, ditched Chart Master Mac app, found that I like the Roadmap Planner app more. Then left that in favor of a home grown Gantt chart in Google Sheets, flexibility is key.

Challenges: Juggling multiple, distinct projects. Many meetings. Need to take more time to sketch out projects. I am finding text on the page to be too constricting for visualizing processes.

Considering: Designating “heads down” time on calendar for at least one or two blocks per week.



Worked on: Webinar debrief with colleague, Hubspot campaigns to increase user engagement (I’d love for it to be more visual, less “listy”), synthesizing notes from interviews.

Considering: Product power users as ambassadors, integrating a customer communication platform like Intercom who by the way shares incredible resources via their blog and podcast.

Challenges: Reflecting on process and new skills learned and documenting those items to be referenced and utilized later. Also, how to combine these ideas with notes from books and web articles.

February 2017


Worked on: Webinar slides, downloadable for webinar, reviewed recordings of user interviews, preparing follow up emails to potential interviewees who ignored the first blast.

Resources: Started using RescueTime last week, currently customizing categories for various apps and sites, report forthcoming.

Getting 2 Alpha podcast with Teresa Torres on product discovery

28 February

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Worked on: Created list of users for next email campaign to get more interviews, ran Remove Duplicates in Google Sheets to eliminate doubles from previous campaigns.

Spent some time updating my KanbanFlow board, I prefer my to-do list as a stand alone app outside of the browser so Fluid helps with that. Changed columns from Waiting - Tasks - Urgent - Done to specific projects General - Resource Center - Webinars - Interviews - Done. Now experimenting with colors and swimlanes to help prioritize tasks.

Challenges: Improve response rate on interview request emails.

Reading: Intertwingled

26 February

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Worked on: More #UserInterviews, compiling answers and synthesizing actionable insights.

Challenges: Looking for a tool to help manage (version) content in a knowledge base when product updates occur or other external changes take place.

Considering: Creating a Splunk Search Processing Language cheat sheet tool in Google Sheets with drop down menus (#Data Validation > list of items) so teammates and I could more easily craft search strings.


I am a long time classroom teacher of English Language Learners who recently made the jump to the #edtech #startup world. After starting on the training team, a natural extension of the classroom, I am now on the #product team working on a variety of projects from user interviews to email engagement campaigns to redesigning our resource center.

I will be sharing my challenges, victories, questions and resources.