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April 2017


Okay, more about my #toxicity #sideproject: After noticing that more than a few of people I know experienced some kind of a toxic relationship, either at home or at work, I decided to dig deeper. Most of them agreed that having no objective overview of their relationship is a big problem—it’s always “Well it’s just this time, it won’t happen again”.

So the idea is to create an app that would serve as an objective diary: you can only note down events from a list of preselected toxic behaviors, and, hopefully, you’ll be able to see the repeating patterns. I’ll probably use React/React Native to cover all possible platforms, but first things first. The plan is to make it a free, open-sourced app, so if anybody wants to help, just let me know! I’m currently reaching out and interviewing both the folks who went through these problems and doctors who could help with their expertise.


Hey there #littlelogs! I’m Djordje, digital designer and front-end developer from Belgrade, Serbia. Other than geeking out about typography and functional CSS, I’m spending my days cooking, doing yoga, meditating and playing with street dogs.

I’m currently transitioning from freelancing to a full-time job and trying to get #toxicity, my #sideproject off the ground. Will write more about it in the next post!

Btw, inspired by #mastodon: might be a good idea to make these #introduction logs a tradition, so old-school loggers could find newbies and welcome them to the community?