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November 2016


I know this isn’t a job site but if you/someone you know is looking for a web/java dev job in Melbourne let me know

05 Nov 2016

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May 2016


I’m getting confused between #node and #angular now. I want to setup bcrypt but I don’t know what the dependencies are, if any.

To setup a basic site with user authentication in a node project I used bcryptjs, body-parser, connect-flash, cookie-parser, ejs, express, express-session, express-validator, morgan, multer and path. The instructor never explained what any of these were for, as usual.

April 2016


I think I might be starting to head in the right direction with my #bubble planning. I’d come across ACL several times and had ignored it because I didn’t know what it was, but after a quick google I think that’s what I’ve been after. Maybe.

I have no idea how to do it, but at least I’m getting better search results now.


I have no idea how to make the important parts of #bubble work and it’s really frustrating me, everything I google comes up with Drupal pages which is not at all what I want but I will persevere.

And my printer has decided to stop printing black. I hate printers.


Came back to the #node project after a few days. Added a form and couldn’t work out why it was saying something was undefined when i tried to submit. Spent a while trying to figure it out and eventually realised it was undefined because I hadn’t defined it yet. Doh.


This #node project is teaching me a few new things, but not the things I want to learn and is using tools I don’t plan to use. I’m worried that it’s filling my brain with info I don’t need at the moment and distracting me from my goal


Having trouble progressing #bubble because I don’t know how to make what I want, so I got back into some #node study today working on a project that is similar in structure to what I want to make. Hopefully I’ll learn something useful.

March 2016


After a crazy busy few months at work I took an overseas holiday and it was wonderful.

Sat down to have a think about #bubble as I haven’t done anything for a while but didn’t get anywhere because the internet sucks lately. Tried to find somewhere on the Optus site to complain, but i couldn’t load the page… I’d call them but I don’t get reception on my phone either…


Spent most of the day trapped in Ikea buying things we didn’t really need, and eating food that didn’t taste that great (breakfast and lunch), and then went to a 1st birthday party so there wasn’t much time for #bubble.

I realised that the password and password confirmation on my signup page don’t need to match in order to submit. I need to get that working properly but I’m not sure how to yet.


Very pleased with my #bubble progress today.

  • Decided on the DB and starter template
  • Created a signup page with password encryption
  • Created a login page but the login isn’t working yet - credentials error even when they are correct

Starting my project today (again) which shall be codenamed #bubble.

At the moment I’m tossing up between MongoLab or Firebase for the DB - these are the only two I’ve used recently and I’m trying to recall which I found easier to use.

Also, @josh I just saw the ‘Trending projects & tags’ area, that’s nice. Normally I’m here using my mobile so I haven’t seen that before.


Its 11.30pm, time to stop work for the day. Tonight the late night work isn’t bad as it sounds, I spent 4 hours of the evening at dinner and Trivia.

My day job is taking up too much of my night time though so I’m going to try to cut back on that so I can start my side project again - need to think of a cool name for it, or a cool codename at least.

02 Mar 2016

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February 2016


Finally found a small amount of time and energy to start on my side project. Despite having lots of trouble with MEANjs in the past I decided to use it as the template. All was well until I tried to start it up and couldn’t, error error error. So it’s decided, I’m starting over with something else

28 Feb 2016

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I started setting up #Vagrant on my old laptop and made it as far as the download page for Virtual box - and then bought a new laptop.

Now I’m torn between finishing the Vagrant setup and seeing if I can make it work and if I like it vs starting over on the new laptop.

The new one is so pristine and free from junk and I’m loving that, except that also means I can’t do much with it other than look at websites..


Have broken my new years resolution of not working at night. Now I work every night. At least I made it to mid Feb, that’s pretty good for me.

And just when I thought I couldn’t receive any more emails that I don’t have time to read or even delete, my spam filter has stopped working for reasons unknown

23 Feb 2016

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Spent the day at my desk for the first time in 2 weeks #client meetings. It was nice to have some time to catch up on emails, I made a small dent but there’s plenty to go


Meetings galore at the moment, they are all the same but different which makes them blur into one giant neverending meeting. As a result, I had no idea what day it was today.

16 Feb 2016

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I unexpectedly spent the day at the beach without sunscreen and am really feeling the burn now. Each time I look in the mirror its a new shade of red.

Didn’t achieve much this weekend. I installed Vagrant, next will be Virtual Box.

14 Feb 2016

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First log from my new laptop! Finally made a decision after lots of umming and ahhing. I went with the HP Spectre 360, limited edition Rose Gold. It’s beautiful.

13 Feb 2016

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I’d really like to make a start on my personal project soon but haven’t known what to make it with. I found this article helpful in stopping me from over thinking it - pick whatever I’m most comfortable with. That makes sense but I’ve dabbled in so many things that I’m not sure what that is.

07 Feb 2016

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Started a new #node project using #krakenjs but for some reason I can’t create a project, it gets stuck at different points each time I try. Maybe it’s really slow and I need to be more patient…or maybe it’s not working.


Didn’t make any progress tonight, I still don’t remember the mongolab db password so I’ll probably need to start over. More importantly, I’m even sure that I want to continue. I’m meant to add my email address and password into the config.js file which I’m not really comfortable with. I’m not sure if my concerns are founded, but this doesn’t seem very secure to me

02 Feb 2016

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Working on a #node project using #mongolab and #drywall, and I don’t really understand what’s going on. I created an SSH key in github and cloned drywall, how did it know my key? Why did I rename the config.js file using bash instead of just renaming it directly? And now I’ve forgotten the db password and I don’t know how to find out what it is

January 2016


I was in one of those ‘I want to do something but everything is boring’ moods today. Tried to finish the last #angular project, switched to Settlers, went to Bunnings, did some gardening, went for a walk, started a new #node project and only made it as far as creating a db, then switched back to Settlers.

As least the garden has benefitted from two new strawberry plants and a new tomato plant.


Had lunch with a #client today and the two men at the next table seemed extremely familiar but I couldn’t place them.

I believe they run a very successful startup (probably not considered a startup anymore) so I’ve been trying to work out who they were all afternoon, it’s bugging me


I’ve had an idea for a business for a while now and I want to start putting more time and thought into it. Tonight I spent a little time further researching my competition and haven’t found anything exactly the same yet which is good.

My two biggest challenges are:

  1. I’d like to make it myself but I don’t know how to yet (working on that part)

  2. I don’t know how it would generate an income other than via advertising (I hate advertising) as I think subscriptions would be difficult to achieve in this category

I’ve got a long way to go

27 Jan 2016

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I’ve put study on hold while I try to pass a campaign in Settlers. I’ve played the same campaign about 15 times now and am defeated early on every time.

It will eat at me till I pass it, just need to find a winning strategy.

27 Jan 2016

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Went to the Cider and Pork festival in the Yarra Valley - eating too much is exhausting so I’ve been trying to get through my food coma by finishing season 1 of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell and playing games.

I really felt like playing Sim City which I haven’t played in a very long time. I don’t have the latest game so I’m trying to get the free trial but Origin is being a nightmare as usual. So far all I’ve done is upgrade it, reinstall it, uninstall it, and then install it. Still doesn’t work. I just want to zone some squares and draw imaginary roads! Sigh

24 Jan 2016

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I was making good progress this morning until I came to the part where blog images are uploaded. I’m so tired of dealing with multer issues in this course, I really wish they’d keep it up to date (the score and comments I give at the end of the #node course will reflect my dissatisfaction).

Tried a bunch of things that students, stack overflow and NPM suggest to get it working but no success yet.


Woohoo! I fixed it, kinda. I thought I’d start with checking if the problem was multer because it caused me much grief on an earlier project. Started by just commenting it out app.use(multer({dest: './public/images/uploads'})); I still got the bson module not found error, but the app ran.

Close enough is good enough for me!

21 Jan 2016

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I’ve done plenty of googling but I’m no closer to finding the cause of my bson error.

There’s lots of chatter about it being due to node gyp not being installed globally (it is), others say its multiple bson versions and then others say its fine to have multiple versions (learning how to find out what I have is an entirely separate piece of google searching), others say its something to do with mongoose (which I’m not using) and someone even suggested adding facebook which made no sense to me.

I’m starting to wonder if I’m looking in the wrong place. Later in the error it says app.use () requires middleware functions so perhaps I do need mongoose (but I’m pretty sure MongoDB works without it), or perhaps its multer which I’ve had trouble with before. Or perhaps it’s none of those things and I’m going off in the wrong direction

20 Jan 2016

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Feeling the ceebs today, probably a result of many late nights thanks to the heat in my bedroom which means I have trouble getting to sleep and once I eventually pass out the quality of sleep is pretty terrible.

One of my new years resolutions was to work less - don’t do it at home, don’t think about it as much, leave work at work - but I’ve got a #client meeting at 9am tomorrow that I’m not as prepared for as I would like, so the temptation to work is strong #decisions