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Yesterday morning, whilst running a routine check on both our staging server and production server I came across a bug: I could not log into the editor portion of our production server. I reset the login credentials but still, just a nice, red, HTTP status code 418, our default error code, cause why not. RFC2324

Due to supporting a myriad of operating systems, Rack environments, and recently rolling out deployments which, compared to tradition SSH, don’t actually load your entire login environment leaving a lot of config unreachable… this auth bug proved quite nefarious.

Downfall: we used to auth based on an environment variable but since deploys start the #Ruby (Puma) web servers, they were started in an environment without the variable needed for auth. This led me to a lot of “how can I load my .bashrc in deploys!?” and other fruitless questions. In the end, good only YAML saved the day for #midnightmurderparty. 😅