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Yesterday evening I made one small change and formulated one small hypothesis regarding deploys for #midnightmurderparty. First off, the small change.

Issue was that on deploy, @rhitakorrr’s #Elm files weren’t being recompiled. Turns on that due to the nature of our deploy system, though other files were being updated, the build process was being run on non-updated base Elm files. Threw a tasty little git pull step into deploys before asset builds. Success! 😁

Secondarily, the deploy hypothesis. Background: our deploys run whilst the server is running and perform a hot restart on our #Ruby Puma workers. Also, our server is a $5/month Ubuntu 16.04 x64 droplet on DigitalOcean with 512MB of RAM. Sometimes when running the deploys they would reach the asset build step and the process would be killed. My current hypothesis is that we are running OOM (out of memory) running the deploy while the server is running. Tomorrow I’m going to profile this RAM issue with some htop and redundant deploys.