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Just a quick little update regarding some fun #midnightmurderparty stuff I’ve been up to this past week. Chronologically, I suppose I worked on some cross-browser testing first and my god… there are a lot of browsers these days.

I also learned a tad about image optimization and compression. The main difference between JPEG and PNG compression is lossiness. JPEG, a lossy format, compresses images into chunky, huge pixel mosaics in order to reduce file size. Whereas PNG, since it’s lossless, instead chooses to retain visual fidelity and simply reduce the number of colours to reduce file size. Pretty neat, different approaches.

Lastly, one rather unique thing happened during our (@rhitakorrr and I) weekly meeting this week. All of a sudden the redirect to our staging server started returning a 403 error. I was home, where the staging server is, so I checked it via the internal IP. Server was up and fine. Apparently, my public IP changed mid-meeting. Thank you Bell Canada. 😂