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October 2016


👋 Hello again LittleLogs. It’s been a little while since I’ve posted on here. While I haven’t been working on Midnight Murder Party recently, I have been super productive in three other ways.

First off, the last couple weeks here at Shopify have been fantastic. Shipping code, fixing bugs, taking on a solo dev role in a hackathon and so on has been going super well. Programming wise, I’ve been very busy, just, only at work.

Secondarily, I’ve been super busy socially which I figure counts towards productivity. Compared to the couple months prior to September of almost exclusively playing FFXIV and developing MMP, socially, it’s been a night and day change.

Lastly, I’ve taken on a #song_a_day challenge as of two Sundays ago. I have released eight songs thus far and today will be song number 9. Follow along here if you’re interested. #music