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February 2016


Really great coding morning on #curo (most productive I’ve been in weeks), followed by an afternoon meeting where I completely forgot my brain, and then a complete grouchy meltdown over the phone at a person who I really should have been nicer to, despite their attitude.

Apparently I’m still terrible at changing gears between developer and business guy. #ugh


With #curo people in three different timezones at the moment, we’ve been trying to record 10 minute weekly video updates for each other, to reduce the amount we are repeating ourselves in phone calls over and over. We’ve tried emails, reports and slack for this, but there is something time consuming for us to write everything out, and there is something lost when we can’t speak our enthusiasm or frustration about things verbally. Also, sort of like the idea that will we have video recordings of our progress to look back on one day.

Anyway, it’s been helpful, but it’s painful (and slow) to upload them somewhere useful, put to a password on it, and then share the links in slack (and these things then get lost fast).

Anyone know of any good (and easy) video journal/reporting system for teams? Feel like something good must exist out there. Maybe a new feature for #littlelogs, @josh & @belle? ;)


Started the day by sending very grouchy lack-of-coffee-friday-morning email to my lawyer. Got a good response, an apology and an offer for a credit on the work they did for me, so feeling pretty satisfied with myself.

11 Feb 2016

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Started at #HCFCatalyst this week - our plan to execute our care agencies wellbeing product back in Australia. Progress has been great in the US, so it was hard to turn down the idea of coming home and exploring some opportunities with a couple of major healthcare insurers/providers. We were fortunate enough to bring on an awesome health care industry guy late last year, so he will continue with Tim on that path while i’m gone.

So, here I am, in a brand new fancy co-working space in the middle of Sydney (TyroFinTech hub, incase you are wondering - yes, I know, i’m not in Financial Technologies, but it’s still a cool space), working with 5 other awesome health related Aus businesses.

Pretty crazy 3 - 6 months ahead, but i’m feeling SO energised to have awesome people working with us, and lighting a fire under my often-disorganised butt.

Will try to share more now that it’s public. Annoyed that the PR that’s gone out has misreported our exact involvement, but eh… publicity is still good, right?

January 2016


Going to try to get back on #littlelogs a bit now that i’m in back Australia for a few months. Been back for one week, and haven’t had much of a chance to get my head on straight yet! So, let’s say:

  • Got myself organised enough today, that I felt ok with logging into #littlelogs for the first time in months.
  • Happy about that.
  • Hoping to have some time to revive my app building efforts, outside of #curo work.

December 2015


Been in lockdown mode again for the last couple of weeks, mostly working on presentations, for some funding stuff. Attending Apple TechTalk today in LA, hoping to give my brain a rest and get back into a coding mindset. No progress on #stump lately, but hoping to find some time again this weekend. Got some catching up to do, looking at @josh’s posts while I was off the radar!

November 2015


Moved ahead a bit on #stump over the weekend (finally!). Merged Comments back in to use the Log model (with a basic boolean flag) which I’ve gone back and forward on a couple of times already, but it feels right for now. They are basically identical, but I felt weird having a one-to-many pointing back to its own model type. But, at the end of the day, they share more than they don’t, so I think this is the right call.

In terms of interface, fixed the frustrating navigation controller problem (and memory management problems!), got the comments screen displaying properly, and started work on “post a new log” functionality. Also started work on the profile screens, and like functionality, but didn’t get too far for either yet.

Regardless, it’s starting to feel like a real app! #laterlog


Every time I come back to trying to do some work on #stump, I remember the problem that I had last time, realise I still can’t solve it, get annoyed, and then don’t come back to it for a week. It makes the project feel insurmountable, even though I know just a small amount of progress would totally wash away the feeling.

I really should just move on, make some progress in a different part, but it’s super frustrating and makes me want to hate mac development. I feel like I could have knocked out an #ios version for this in a week, but the even the basics are tripping me up on #osx.

Trying very hard to convince myself it’s not the right idea to just cut my losses, move what i’ve done over to #ios, and be happy again ;)


Yikes, crazy week. Can’t talk much about it publicly yet, unfortunately, but let’s just say it’s super stressful when the good and bad stuff happens all at the same time! My brain just has trouble coping with that. Things are going very well, but the road to get there is rocky! #ugh #startuplife

the startup curve


Knocked out with migraines again this weekend, so, sadly, no progress on #stump or anything else. Back to slide decks and presentations this week for #curo, so hopefully not being slumped over in a coding-pose will help a bit.


Squeezed in a very tiny bit of work on #stump last night, fixing some layout issues on the main timeline, and started to work on displaying comments. Hoping to find a decent chunk of time to work on it over the weekend, but i’ve hoped for that the last 3 weeks in a row ;) #laterlog


Got a basic iPad version of #curo iPhone app together without too much hassle. Autolayout handled majority of it, with a few minor modifications for certain screens. Also cobbled together some simple designs for some iPad-specific features, for the rest of the team to look over. Will hopefully implement some of them tomorrow.


Haven’t updated in a bit - implemented all new layout for client detail screen on #curo #iPhone app last week, and began to merge in features from the original consumer version, last week. Much happier with how it works and looks on multiple screen sizes, and hoping to start implementing iPad version this week.

Was knocked out with a bad migraine for most of yesterday, but having slept for about 15 hours, hoping to get back into the swing of things today. #laterlog


Struggling with some odd #NSURLSession problems tonight, working on #Stump. Getting 3 day old cached results back from #littlelogs, not matter what I do, which is very frustrating. Seems i'm not the only one.

Once again, pretty confident it's not #littlelogs as it's all working fine with #postman, which I think sends Cache-Control: no-cache with all requests.

Solutions I've found so far aren't working... hopefully i'm just missing something very obvious and i'm just too tired to notice tonight.


Good meeting this morning with new pilot team leader today for #curo, and in the process discovered a group of staff within the partner org that could also benefit from being involved, which is great!

Also, finally figured out why some events were randomly missing from activity feeds - turns out about 0.4% of events weren't being sent consistently from #SmartThings, so wrote a script to pull down a feed of everything every few hours, and fill in the gaps of anything that got missed.

On the business side, earlier this week we very excited to have get approval for a very small, but significant, State Government-backed rollout of Curo. Big step for us! #laterlog #buriedthelede


Been playing with #littlelogs #api this morning. Wasted a tonne of time with NSURLConnection dropping my authorization headers before sending, if you don't add a forward slash to the end of a url.

Can't find a logical reason for this, given that the #littlelogs api handles it fine with or without (hence, testing with curl was working fine), but if it weren't for this StackOverflow answer, I likely would have gone completely insane.

October 2015


Tough week in terms of concentration, but managed to finish strong. Successfully added client wellness score to #curo app, as well as their activity feed, both of which were previously only in the web app. Opens up a new testing group for the pilot, so hope to introduce to them early next week.


Helped Amanda this morning with a list of weird buggy #drupal tasks for one of our #clients, which had been lingering for a while. Was nice to get that list knocked off all in one go, now back to #curo.

Sent off new version of app to testing group, and now can get back to working on implementing well-being score features into the app, to help bring it into parity with the web version.


As painful as it is, spent this afternoon pulling out several screens and features in the carer visit logging process, in the #curo ios app. I was pretty proud of some of the features i'd implemented (and spent tonnes of time on), but after some feedback it's clear they just really weren't needed. Very frustrating, but certainly the right thing to do. Pushing out to testers tomorrow morning, so we'll see how it goes down.


Finally found a decently reliable (and cheap) portable credit card sized router (with 4G backup) to use with the #smartthings hubs, to make them wireless for #curo. Also able to power it from the USB port of the #smartthings hub itself (which has it's own backup power). Opens up a few interesting opportunities!


Worked on some custom #NSStoryboardSegue classes this afternoon, for view transitions in #Stump. Was aiming to get some quasi-iOS segue feeling transitions, and think i've mostly pulled it off (at least as well as Tweetbot has anyway) without using any third-party libraries.

This really has been an interesting experience, particularly when I get stuck on a problem. Starting to feel i'm one of only 5 people on the entire internet working on an #osx app in #swift... and that could be right ;) Certainly weird to not be able to find a #stackoverflow answer for every problem!

Anyway, things got a bit easier once I gave up on nibs and started working with storyboards like I do in #ios. Probably won't get to work on #stump again until next weekend, sadly.


Made some progress on my little #mac app project today. Decided there is no point in hiding what i'm doing, but I've never really developed something in public before, so it's kind of terrifying. Hopefully talking about it will mean I don't lose interest and let it fizzle.

Getting ahead of myself in many ways (since the API isn't actually finished or released yet), but I figured I have a tonne to figure out before I even get beyond even just pulling in data, storing it and displaying it.

So, anyway, here is a very, very early work in progress shot of #stump. Obviously borrowing heavily from Tweetbot while I figure my way around #cocoa a bit more.

stump screenshot


Mac app #secretproject work stalled a bit last night. Can't tell if I was just low on energy and enthusiasm, or simply confused with how many things work differently compared to #ios dev. Hopefully just a bad day, and will pick up again over the weekend.

I have a feeling that i've simply been spoiled by the wealth of #ios help there is on the net, compared to #osx, particularly in regard to #swift. Think I might just need to suck it up and try harder! #laterlog


Spent majority of the day working on client notes editing and #syncing in #curo #ios app, which was previously pretty much:

"Oh nice, you added a client note? Hope you like it exactly as it is and made no mistakes, because it's NEVER CHANGING".

Slightly less "carved in stone" now, which I think our testing team will be happy about.


Snuck in a tiny bit of progress on my #mac app #secretproject, before heading to bed. The minor differences between UITableView and NSTableView messed with me a bit, but I have some real data showing now, which is enough to feel it's valid to stop and get some sleep.


Much better day today. Good chunk of planning into 2016, which is exciting, largely because that means we will have a business in 2016 ;)

21 Oct 2015

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Majority of morning taken up with unexpected #client server migration assistance. Got back on track and closed off the final tasks for current (odd length) #curo sprint. Ready to properly plan this week now.


Got my stalled work from yesterday afternoon sorted pretty quick, and (in between client problems across the day) started on some changes to #syncing in the #ios app to lay the groundwork for some new features i'm working on. Though, hard to concentrate today as it's been weirdly humid and we have no air con at home.

Who thought it was a good idea to move to LA and not have air con? Oh right, me.


My early enthusiasm in the afternoon, working on a new PIN screen screen for our iPhone app, had fizzled out by late afternoon. 99% of the way there, as usual, but hoping can fix final bugs in the morning after some rest, and move on.

Much more exciting stuff happening on the business side, with discussions with a potential new #curo team member for the near future, ensuring the day still ended well!


Blast from the past today: Helped a client from my job almost 8 years ago, with his #Zope-based eCommerce site that was first built in 1998 and is still running today (still identical to the day it was launched, and still making money!). The payment gateway he has been using for 17 years got purchased and changed a couple of urls. AMAZING this thing is still running.

September 2015