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Tagged #Fitbit

March 2016


Battling with #Fitbit subscriptions for #outduo. The docs aren’t helping in this case because they indicate you’re supposed to verify the root URL instead of the Subscriber URL (or Fitbit assumes that your root and Subscriber URLs are one and the same, or something). Have sent Fitbit a support email, but I’m not holding my breath for a helpful response anytime soon.

Could also be a problem with the SSL cert I’m using, my sysadmin is looking into that today.

February 2016

December 2015


Bought myself a #Fitbit Charge HR as an early Xmas present today. First impression is that it’s chunky, but the constant heart rate monitoring is pretty cool and should make up for it.

November 2015

October 2015


I still don't 100% understand it but I can now access the #fitbit #api via #oauth2 for #outduo using basic web and curl requests.

The PHP Oauth2 libraries for Fitbit that I could find are full of issues and/or require multiple dependencies (and rely on Composer to install them).

I get that frameworks and libraries have their place, but they need to be easy to install, understand, and use.