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April 2017

February 2017


In other news, I crashed and burned in a technical phone interview on Thursday. It turns out that having over 10 years of experience isn’t enough if you don’t know the fundamentals of computer science/software development (which I would have gained had I stayed in University).

I can clearly code and produce solutions to client’s/employer’s problems quickly, but it’s a whole different ball game when the hiring company’s core product is software.

As a result of this failed interview I had a pretty low Friday with a few rough moments, but distracted myself with some more TalentHunch coding. #laterlog

December 2016


A very late #laterlog:

  • My wisdom tooth operation went well.
  • Achieved very little #talenthunch dev during my work leave/recovery time.
  • Last Saturday I moved into the house I’ll be house/cat sitting for the next 5 weeks (within walking, instead of driving, distance to the CBD).
  • Achieved a good chunk of TalentHunch dev in November, but still a bit to do.
  • Will be finishing up at my real job on the 21st December, so will need to find something to do next year (which might be TalentHunch, depending on the timing).

October 2016


In other #laterlog news; at my day job yesterday I had to move my workspace from my teammate’s office out into a common area to make way for a new staff member starting on Monday. Was also told that I couldn’t attend an all staff 3 day meeting/getaway because I’m only a temp. Wasn’t the best Friday I’ve ever had.

September 2016


Have been continuing to build the #talenthunch job search engine component this week. Have successfully worked out how to index jobs from GitHub Jobs, Indeed and Seek.

I wanted to get more done before I start my new job tomorrow, but I think I might just have to leave it for a bit unfortunately. #laterlog

March 2016

February 2016


Spent a frustrating afternoon fixing an #outduo Dashboard bug (shared challenge progress function) that I thought I’d fixed in the last refactor. It’s times like this that one starts questioning their own ability. #laterlog

October 2015

September 2015

July 2015


Spent my weekly day off (from my real job) doing business planning and market research. Current business idea (code name #mb) has very low profit margins, but big space in the market #laterlog

June 2015

May 2015