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A smarter job search app. TalentHunch generates job suggestions that become more relevant to you over time.

April 2017

March 2017


The #talenthunch job suggestion generator appears to be working! As shown in the graph below, the average number of generated suggestions that are dismissed is trending downwards, so far.

I hope to keep dismissals below 75% and likes above 25% for starters, but will set some solid KPIs once TalentHunch has been running for a bit longer. 6 days worth of data isn’t enough to make any long term forecasts.


Started a Twitter Ads campaign with 2 #talenthunch tweets. Set a max budget of $100 ($10/day) with a job search related target audience in Aus and NZ. Nearly a thousand advert impressions today, but very few clickthroughs to date (and no registrations). Will let this campaign run out and then reassess.


Some #talenthunch #stats since the relaunch on Tuesday:

  • 77 homepage/registration page uniques
  • 11 new users (14.29% conversion)
  • 39 total users
  • 32 skills added

  • 56 new job suggestions (generated from user’s skills, Likes and Favourites)

  • 31 pending suggestions (generated, but not seen yet)

  • 1,113 dismissed suggestions

  • 9 favourited suggestions
  • 46 liked suggestions
  • 1,168 total choices made (engagements)

While #talenthunch is in a holding pattern until the new site goes up, here are the February 2017 stats:

Business stats

  • 28 registered candidates
  • 3 new candidate signups
  • 8 skills added
  • 5 previous positions added
  • 43,888 job matches generated
  • 20,067 unique job matches
  • 20,431 new job listings

Site stats

  • 55 uniques to landing page (signup conversion rate was 5.45%)
  • Top traffic sources: Direct, Facebook

Adding search to #talenthunch made very little difference, because I basically stopped marketing it during Feb. In its current form, TalentHunch isn’t sticky enough for users to keep using it and for them to recommend their friends to it.

Have been working on a pivot for the past week which once launched will be closer to my original vision.

February 2017


Running some analysis on the current #talenthunch data, and teaching myself how to use D3.js at the same time.

This graph shows the candidates (red) and their selected skills (blue). The bottom left cluster of nodes are all software related, which demonstrates an interesting possible niche market idea for TalentHunch.


Spent the last few days trying to refactor the main #talenthunch job match creation script because it was taking 6 hours to run (yes, you read that right. 6 hours). After a lot of false starts and testing locally I think I’ve finally cracked it and hopefully it will now run quicker. Will find out tomorrow when the cron job runs next.


Sent out 2 #talenthunch emails this morning:

  • A notification to the 4 candidates that haven’t added any skills to their profile yet about how TalentHunch works (i.e. no skills = no matches)
  • A welcome email to all the new signups in Jan to say hi and asking them to share TalentHunch with their job hunting friends.

#talenthunch January 2016 stats

Business stats

  • 25 registered candidates
  • 25 new candidate signups
  • 133 skills added
  • 26 previous positions added
  • 14,332 job matches generated (220.50% of estimated 6,500)
  • 9,650 unique job matches (52.16% coverage of all jobs added in January)
  • 18,501 new job listings (68.52% of estimated 27,000)

Site stats

  • 154 uniques to landing page (signup conversion rate was 16.23%)
  • Top traffic sources: Direct, Hacker News, Twitter, organic search, Facebook

January 2017


I think I’ve finally worked out one way to increase #talenthunch candidate registrations; allow unregistered users to search for jobs from the homepage, but limit the search results shown to only 10. This, combined with some creative call to actions, should hopefully incentivise more candidates to register to see more search results (and generate their matches).

The quicker I can get more candidates onto the platform, then the more motivation advertisers will have to post on TalentHunch (when this functionality is complete).


Finished the #talenthunch password reset functionality today and will hopefully deploy it tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Stats for the first week:

  • Unique homepage views: 85
  • New candidates: 13
  • Total skills added: 45
  • Unique skills added: 36
  • Total positions added: 12
  • Total job matches: 2,402
  • Total jobs added: 5,206

New #talenthunch homepage is up. Still need to work out an easy/cheap way to drive more traffic to the site.

Catching up with a few HR/recruitment advisors in the coming weeks to pick their brains and demo the site to them to get their feedback.


Hit 1,065 matches from 2,315 jobs on #talenthunch overnight! #milestone

Other stats so far

  • Unique homepage views: 66
  • New candidate registrations: 9
  • Total skills added: 37
  • Unique (grouped by name) skills added: 30
  • Highest count for the same unique skill: 3
  • Positions added (work experience): 12

Was trying to hold off on today’s log because I’m really close to hitting the 1,000 #talenthunch job matches mark (and wanted to use the milestone tag), but alas it’s sitting on 980 matches.

I worked on revising the homepage design so it’s more descriptive, includes a product screenshot, and also has an FAQs section to answer questions like: “Why do you need my full name?”. Will hopefully push this live tomorrow.


#talenthunch stats for the first 24 hours:

  • Unique homepage views: 47
  • New candidate registrations: 6
  • Unique skills added: 19
  • Highest count for the same unique skill: 3
  • Positions added (work experience): 10
  • Job matches made: 320 (from 778 new jobs)

Finishing off the #talenthunch Edit Profile page and then turning my attention towards the Forgotten Password functionality (I didn’t make this part of the Outduo MVP and it came back to bite me). Not long until launch now.

December 2016


Just finished the final (yes, actually the final this time) candidate to job matching code for #talenthunch today. I can can successfully match a list of my skills and previous job titles to a database of jobs, and then return those matches with their associated match strength score.

Finishing off the site’s front-end tonight and tomorrow with the goal to go live before the end of the year (yes, I know, it’s another deadline but anything is possible).


A very late #laterlog:

  • My wisdom tooth operation went well.
  • Achieved very little #talenthunch dev during my work leave/recovery time.
  • Last Saturday I moved into the house I’ll be house/cat sitting for the next 5 weeks (within walking, instead of driving, distance to the CBD).
  • Achieved a good chunk of TalentHunch dev in November, but still a bit to do.
  • Will be finishing up at my real job on the 21st December, so will need to find something to do next year (which might be TalentHunch, depending on the timing).

November 2016


Last day at my real job before I go on unpaid leave for a couple of weeks (wisdom tooth extraction, as bad as it sounds). Will try to get some #talenthunch dev done while I’m recovering, but my code quality may decrease.

October 2016


I’ve set myself a deadline in November for completing the next stage of #talenthunch.

Via the new API, I can now successfully register and login a user, and return their job matches (based on the information in their profile and previously saved job matches).


It’s a public holiday in southern Tasmania tomorrow, so I’m hoping to get some solid #talenthunch development time in. I think my release of the Jobs site recently has made me more motivated to get back into this project.


I deployed my latest side project #talenthunch Jobs this morning. Currently it’s just indexing a small percentage of Seek and Indeed jobs, but I will be adding other sources over time (including direct advertisers).

September 2016


Have been continuing to build the #talenthunch job search engine component this week. Have successfully worked out how to index jobs from GitHub Jobs, Indeed and Seek.

I wanted to get more done before I start my new job tomorrow, but I think I might just have to leave it for a bit unfortunately. #laterlog


Now that I’ve signed the paperwork I can almost make it official - I’ll be starting a 3 month contract on Monday with the Beacon Foundation in Hobart, Tasmania. I’ll be doing a whole lot of professional web development again, after an eight month break.

I’m sure I’ve rallied against ever getting another real job previously, but this is a fantastic organisation to work for, with a cause and mission I believe in 100%, and so it would have been very silly to turn down this opportunity.

I’ll still be continuing to work on both #outduo and #talenthunch on weekends and in other spare time, but they’ll no longer be my primary focus.

August 2016


Spent today getting back into my #talenthunch mindset.

  • Decided that the product, for now, will just be a job search engine that sources jobs from third parties. I will then need to gain a lot of user traction to be able to persuade companies to advertise their positions on
  • Once this core job search works, I can add some more layers of functionality in the future, such as an aptitude questionnaire, to produce more relevant job matches for users
  • SSL cert installation and server hardening is underway
  • Activated the domain on my Mailgun account for sending job alerts

After my slump report earlier today, I actually managed to get a bit more into the groove with my #talenthunch dev. I think talking it out actually helped.

Finished a major set of functions that saves a user’s answer and returns the next question based on that answer. Using the methods I made the user will now only have to answer a minimum of 8 questions from the same aptitude category in the affirmative before they can see their results.

July 2016