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Fixed both of the remaining #MidnightMurderParty front-end bugs with one tiny commit!

My suspicions were correct: when I had to mess around with the renderer after Chromium broke itself, I accidentally regressed some code. The bugs didn’t become apparent until I zoomed the page to 175% in Chrome (or did anything in the mess that is Firefox), so it took a while to notice, but the fix was simple once I guessed the problem.

The column-width property doesn’t support percentage values, so to make it dynamic, I manually alter a stylesheet with #regex. Prior to the Chromium fix, the width and height were set this way as well, but then I changed them to 100% since that seemed less sketchy than live-editing more of a stylesheet. Apparently, that was even sketchier and caused the bug. Changing it back to the way it was fixed the offset pages bug (which I was trying to fix) and somehow magically fixed a different bug in Firefox (not complaining).

I also added some stuff to the testing doc.