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Somehow I managed to waste most of the day and still get a lot done.

  • Spoke with my cousin about voicing a character for the #MidnightMurderParty promo animation. We’re meeting sometime this week to record the line, which is really exciting.
  • Made a bunch of commits to the #hakyll_portfolio_blog:
    • Changed the way URL fixing is handled to not rely on post-processing the page.
    • Added an RSS feed to the site.
    • Restructured the Config record to better handle reading in multiple config files.
    • Refactored the Contexts module to more easily handle all the various parameters needed to generate a Context. For example, to generate the Context for a post, I used to have to write something like postCtx tags categories <> configCtx config <> defaultCtx, but after doing some mconcats and introducing a new record, I can do something like postCtx contextParams and it does all of the above. Pretty neat!