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Didn’t think I’d get any programming done tonight considering I spent until 11:30pm cleaning my apartment, but I wanted to try One Quick Thing™. Two hours later, I have a very solid commit on my #hakyll_portfolio_blog and more pending sleep deprivation.

I did two things in this commit:

  • Introduced implicit parameters for my config value and two other values that are passed into a lot of different functions. Cleaned up the code quite nicely.
  • Created a Context for lists of tags. #Hakyll has a built-in tag module which is convenient for getting up and running quickly and not so convenient for customizing at all. It generates the HTML to display tags for you instead of giving you a Context with values you can utilize in your templates. Seems odd that this one bit of Hakyll is hard-coded, but hey, with enough digging through types, I got the tag data into a Context.

All in all, not bad for an accidental coding session.