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May 2017


Missed my daily #writing in the morning again and had to move it into the afternoon. On the bright side, I just wrote the words “The end came three weeks later…” into this never-ending story, so I’m coming up on the finish line of the first draft finally.

Someone on CritiqueCircle messaged me yesterday telling me that the third revision of their own #shortstory was up for review and asking if I’d crit it again (I critiqued both previous versions of the story). I agreed and gave it a read today. The story has quintupled in length since the first version, but I think the leap in quality was even bigger. I’m pretty proud to be able to say I helped it come from where it started to where it is now, to be honest. Unfortunately, I only got 1/4 of the way through critting the revision tonight. I had hoped to do 1/2.

Did some more style work on the #MidnightMurderParty editor tonight. I like how streamlined it’s turning out.


Finished up some smaller features of the #MidnightMurderParty editor, fixed some bugs, did a good amount of code clean-up (looking at the code no longer burns my eyes), and got started on the UI (which does still burn my eyes). Unfortunately, CSS and UI design are my least favorite parts of web development (right up there with cross-browser), and I suspect I’ll be on that for a couple days. But who knows? Maybe it’ll go quickly.

Daily #writing continues to go well. My current #shortstory is 34 single-spaced pages long, which I suspect is no longer a short story. 😅

April 2017


Mega #laterlog. [2/2]

I set a Camp #NaNoWriMo goal for this month of 10,000 words. At the time I started Camp, I was 3,000 words into a story I intended to finish at ~6,000 words. The idea was to finish up that story and then write another #shortstory for the rest of the month.

But I cannot for my life write a short story.

I met my Camp goal on the 23rd and hadn’t yet finished the first story. I’m now up to 12,500 words written this month on only that one story, and I suspect that word count is low (estimating 600 words/page on the typewriter). This may become my second novella.

I’ve been trying to form a habit of writing a page each morning before work. I’m currently on a 7 day streak. It works out nicely because there are no distractions in the morning. People are asleep or at work, the computer is off, the phone doesn’t ring. It’s just me, my typewriter, and a cup of coffee, and it frees up evenings for coding, gaming, reading, etc.

I’m on page 782 of The Stand and 9 hours into SOMA.


I’ve been primarily working on 3 things this week:

  • PureScript Editor. The old #MidnightMurderParty editor (my custom CMS) was written in #Elm 0.16 and is basically unmaintainable since 0.16 is so different from the newer versions. I’ve been looking for an excuse to learn #PureScript for a while, so I’ve been rewriting the entire editor in that. I’m still just trying to get JSON decoding working, though.
  • MMP Promo Animation. The promo animation for MMP is done, and now I need to soundscape this whole thing. I started editing with OpenShot, but that can be summed up in one word: Crash. I’m now using Blender as my video editor. So far, I really like it. While I pair up SFX with the video, @larouxn is working on the music. It’s coming along pretty nicely.
  • Camp NaNo. I set my Camp #NaNoWriMo goal for the month to 10k words. I’m trying to finish one #shortstory, write another, and maybe get some MMP writing in there as well!

March 2017


Submitted that #shortstory I edited down by 600 words last week to a contest. Now I have two pending stories which I won’t hear back about for a while. I’d like to write and submit at least one more before then. Maybe I’ll work on that tomorrow since I’ll be snowed in by a blizzard and possibly will lose power again.

On another note, I’ve sunk way too much time into CodeFights over the past week thanks to @wearing2raincoats, who got me into it. Problem solving with #Haskell is addicting. If anyone wants to codefight me, add me on there!


I’ve done almost no dev since my last log, but I have finished two more books for my #GoodReadsChallenge (will probably finish a third tomorrow).

Tonight I also edited down a #shortstory by 600+ words (bringing it down to 12,200 words) so I can submit it to a contest next week. It’s kind of amazing how I never noticed all the useless words on previous read-throughs, but I guess that’s why you’re supposed to put a couple months between writing and editing.

February 2017


0 for 2 on #MidnightMurderParty development last night. I’m down to browser-specific fixes at this point, and solutions are (a) dependent on other people deploying and testing things for me and (b) mostly guesswork. This slows down my ability to dev tremendously. Out of the two fixes I coded up last night, neither worked, which is kind of a bummer. Using some alerts, we managed to figure out the error message thrown by one of the issues (getting error messages from mobile browsers is a pain). My guess about the error was right, but somehow my solution didn’t fix it. Still not sure why.

On a brighter note, I once again submitted a #shortstory I’ve been trying to get published to a contest and expect to hear back about another one within the next couple days. I never really have high hopes for publication, but I definitely won’t get published if I don’t keep trying, right?


No progress on the game engine tonight—not even a name.

I went out to a coffee shop to read and see if they sold their own beans (I just got a Chemex and a coffee grinder), and while I was reading, a short but massive thunderstorm blew through. The whole shop was flashing with lightning, rain flying sideways with the wind, and the bed of a pickup truck flew out of the truck and hit the coffee shop window. The storm only really lasted for maybe ten minutes, but I later drove back to my apartment in the rain to find that all the street lights and stoplights were out. It was so dark and rainy on my way back, I couldn’t even tell if I was on my side of the road.

Suffice to say, it’s very hard to program with no electricity, so I ended up working on my #shortstory with my manual typewriter, a flashlight, and a candle until the lights finally came back on. What a night.


I’m putting aside my goal of finishing the #hakyll_portfolio_blog by Saturday as a couple things just came up that I didn’t expect:

1) The #MidnightMurderParty animation timeframe suddenly got accelerated, so the animation needs to be completed within the next 4 days. This means, among other things, that I have to dedicate more of my time to being available for quick feedback and have to orchestrate getting the voice line recorded.

2) The For Honor beta just came out, and, frankly, I just really want to play it while it’s still free.

That said, I still plan to work on the blog, just not as much as I initially intended.

Tonight, I also got feedback on the current animation, scheduled a time to record that voice line so I can get it to the animator by the end of Saturday, and wrote a #shortstory (flash fiction).


I’ll make this a quick post since it’s late. Since the #MidnightMurderParty beta is now in progress, I’ve shifted gears a bit and started working on my #hakyll_portfolio_blog again. Really, I restarted it from scratch since the first version was a mess. Maybe I’ll be able to launch a minimal version before the MMP beta ends–that’s my hope, anyway. Other than that, I started reading my third book of the year and got some #writing done on a #shortstory.

January 2017


Between being up early for a work class and the sudden cold weather over here, I’ve managed to get sick. Trying to rest up, but I’m bad at resting, so instead I worked some more on #MidnightMurderParty. Finally seem to have gotten the Safari bug fix right, and I’ve cleaned up a lot of the URL hash navigation code. After regressing some of it, I even added some comments so I wouldn’t repeat that mistake.

Earlier in the week, I joined a 24-hour #shortstory contest, so I wrote the first draft of that tonight as well. I might do a little more editing tomorrow before I submit, but for now I need to think of a title and get some sleep.


Tonight I:

  • (hopefully) fixed a Safari flexbox bug in the #MidnightMurderParty Reader. Since I don’t have any Apple devices handy, I’m waiting on @larouxn to confirm.
  • Moved over to Google Domains
  • Edited the #shortstory I wrote the other day
  • Printed out a QR code which I now need to scan to turn of my alarm. I put it in the kitchen next to the coffee maker.
  • Started reading another book (2/25 for my 2017 #GoodreadsChallenge)

I also wanted to set up my new phone tonight, but I’m waiting on a case for it before I switch over. Amazon Prime 2-day shipping was due to show up today, but neither item I ordered came. One said in the shipping tracker that it would arrive today before 8pm all the way until nearly midnight. Now both items have an estimated arrival time of 2-3 days from now. Apparently 2-day shipping became 4-5 day shipping somehow.


A lot’s happened over the past couple days. My graphics card died, rendering my computer unusable, so I had to learn how to install a new one on the fly, which was simple but nerve-racking since I’d never installed hardware before.

I wrote a #shortstory this morning—really a flash fiction piece—starting at 12am when I should have been asleep. I think it came out well.

@larouxn and I closed a couple more #MidnightMurderParty issues tonight. We finished up the load time optimization, so now the site shows low resolution images first while the high resolution images load in the background and are swapped in when ready.

We also began planning out the beta test, which is now slated for the end of January through the beginning of February. We’re looking for more beta testers, so if you’d like to help beta test the Midnight Murder Party Reader, let us know!


I’ve got bad news and good news tonight. I’ll start with the bad. My graphics card died, and I can’t even get into Windows now. Guess I’m going to Best Buy tomorrow to pick up a new one.

The good news is that I’m #writing my current #shortstory on a manual typewriter which, as it happens, doesn’t require a graphics card to work. I got a good amount written tonight.


Let’s see if I can get back to daily (or at least near daily) logging again. Today, I:

  • Closed two #GitHub issues for #MidnightMurderParty. Both were small aesthetic things related to the user resizing the book, but because of some race conditions that could occur between #Elm and #JavaScript (and did occur last time I tried this), I’d been putting the issues off for a while.
  • Got some #writing done on my current #shortstory—about 700 words on the manual typewriter, which I’m enjoying quite a bit so far.

Now, I’ll probably read for a little bit and maybe play some Osu! or Overwatch. Something that starts with an ‘O’ anyway.