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May 2017


Missed my #writing this morning and had to shift it to after work, which knocked out any free time I’d planned between tasks (I’m writing this on commercial breaks of the new BCS episode).

More work on the #MidnightMurderParty editor tonight. I’d hoped to get more done than I did, but I got stuck on a bug for an hour, only to find out that I’d typed the wrong variable name earlier in the code. In any case, syncing a chapter from Docs now works, wrapping up the core functionality. Now comes a lot of smaller features, code cleanup, and prettying up the UI.

I got tired of #2Do not having a web interface, so today I started experimenting with #Trello as my todo list/planner app. The only thing it’s missing that I care much about is start dates, which I think I can manage with some creative Power-Up usage.

Anyhow, show’s over. Onto the next task!