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September 2016


Still a bit under the weather, but I sucked it up and got a good start on the #CSS refactor for my #hakyll_portfolio_blog.

  • Replaced the fixed sidebar with a static sidebar.
  • Changed the overall layout of the site to use #flexbox.
  • Made the site responsive for different screen sizes / mobile devices.
  • Tinkered with some other design ideas.

Aside from that, I’ve been trying to get a consistent 8 hours of sleep per night this week. So far, I’ve just woken up more tired and have had less time to get stuff done. When can I get a robotic replacement body?


Looks like I’m starting this week by going to bed too late again. Oops.

Today I continued working on the #hakyll_portfolio_blog.

  • Added an #RSS feed. This is actually really simple in #hakyll, but I wanted the URLs in the feed formatted a certain way which complicated the process. Spent a while digging through #hakyll docs and mapping function compositions into monads to “alter” strings. Eventually, I got it working.
  • Added link to resume as well as social media links in the sidebar.
  • Sidebar now handles scrolling in a more aesthetically pleasant manner.
  • Removed banner from the home page since it looked too busy and confusing.
  • Added banner support to posts and post teasers.

I still have lots to add (Disqus, social share buttons, Google Analytics, better post formatting, etc.), but it’s coming along. Honestly, though, I’m pretty tired of #css and #design in general. I’m trying to finish this quickly so I can get back to logic programming and #writing.


Pushing hard on this #hakyll_portfolio_blog:

  • Improved a lot of the #CSS and fixed a nasty wrapping-under-fixed-sidebar issue.
  • Added navigation links to the sidebar as well as a conditional “return to home” button.
  • Added skills list with bars that indicate proficiency as well as a tag cloud to the sidebar.
  • Hakyll now generates a Portfolio page, which lists all my projects.

Aside from that, I’ve been gathering feedback about the first episode of #midnightmurderparty. @larouxn and I have been putting a ton of time into the site, but it doesn’t mean much if the story’s hook is weak. After hearing the feedback about the current version and the heavily revised version I proposed, it seems both versions have merit. I’m definitely going to rewrite the episode, so I guess I’ll have to find a happy medium. Can’t wait to get back to #writing!

August 2016


After pushing a little further with the #JavaScript config file for the #midnightmurderparty #frontend, I decided it would be better to store the config as a #yaml file and inject it during the build process. This led to a massive build script upgrade.

  • Config is now a #yaml file parsed in the build step instead of bundled #JavaScript used at runtime. This circumvents issues such as:
    • Needing to dynamically create script tags on the page based on config (which leads to all sorts of script loading order mayhem)
    • Needing to pass static data around in the #Elm model
  • Build system upgrade
    • Now injects values from config file directly into the source
    • Appends unique number to #JavaScript and #CSS sources to force bypassing the cache after a code update
    • Allows specifying --dev in terminal to run in dev mode, prod otherwise
      • Dev and prod mode both have their own values in the config file
      • If running in prod, the build script will remove console logs, debuggers, alerts, etc.

March 2016

January 2016


So it appears I’ve stuffed up somewhere with this Css project I’m attempting. Pretty frustrating considering it’s basically see it then type it. Going to start over and see if I can get it right second time round. #css #webdev



  1. User Stories - I will use #Trello as my agile storyboard / user story management and change management
  2. Wireframes - I will use #Axure for wireframes and mock prototyping.
  3. Environment setup - I will use #XAMPP on a local machine with #MySQL as the chosen database and #PHP as my chosen programming language.
  4. Code Management - I will use #bitbucket to practice the behaviour of managing code branches and merging.
  5. Other Technologies - I will employ #css but most probably a bit later once the functional aspects have been covered. The likelihood also is, if I find another technology which assists in meeting the use case and it can be implemented I will. i.e. #JSON / #JQUERY.


Thanks #Littlelogs community for the opportunity to share this with you, sorry the post is too long.


Spent time working through my #Webdev course. Currently studying #css I really enjoy coding & want to make a career out of it but looking at some webdev sites knocks my confidence as they are so much better than I can ever see myself being. Anyway I’ve already completed the first course project & I’m pleased with how that turned out. 1 step at a time.

December 2015


Finished the knowledgebase front end, final task will be to add the ability to add/edit/delete articles.

A review of the courses I’m enrolled in shows that I’m not completing them. My goal is the complete at least one more before the end of the year.


  • 10 projects in #angular 48%

  • 10 projects in #node 24%

  • rubyonrails 86%
  • iOS8 & #swift - 15 apps 3%
  • complete web developer -14 websites 71%

  • ITIL foundation 12%

  • Projects in #css 100%

This list doesn’t include the other 4 that I haven’t started yet.

October 2015


Been very ill the last couple of weeks. finally feeling a bit better now, and I finished up more work on my task management project. Needs alot of #CSS work, but I think I am close to releasing it. demo

September 2015


I don't like giving up but nothing I try works out and it's very frustrating. All of those partial views made sense months ago but now it feels like a jigsaw puzzle

06 Sep 2015

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