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February 2017


As of yesterday, the #Elm game engine started to look like an actual engine instead of a mess of #ECS code mixed with half a game implementation. I plan to use this for later optimizations. It originally started as an extension of #MidnightMurderParty, but I think at this point it’s just become its own project. I should think of a name for it.

Changes I made on the engine tonight:

  • When initializing a game, the user can now issue a Cmd before providing the engine with the game data. This allows for basing the game data on HTTP requests and such, which I intend to use for MMP to retrieve JSON from a database as content is released.
  • With a bit of extra type magic (there’s already plenty going on), I got the engine tracking which system (as in Entity-Component-System) is currently running, along with some extra data about the system. I also added a function that will allow running one system from within another and restore the original context when the nested system finishes.