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May 2017

March 2017


I started scheduling my todos in a calendar (inspired by @Kraahkan) to stop myself from putting them off for “productive” things I didn’t mean to be doing. I added a recurring “Writing” entry every morning before work to encourage both daily writing and getting up earlier. This means that staying up all night and waking up late don’t cut into work time; they cut into my writing time. So far, it’s kept me from staying up too late for no reason, and all my todos have been getting done.

Since my last log, I’ve:


Oh my, is this really my first entry of 2017? 😳 I definitely had no intention of being away for so long, but a few things have happened since New Year / namely:

  • got a terrible flu that kept me in bed for almost 10 days
  • finished my internship at the State Archives
  • moved to Scotland once and for all
  • packed and storaged most of my stuff since my parents are now ‘remodelling’ my room
  • taken #HSK level 2 (this was my most important accomplishment)
  • finished 4/25 books for my #GoodReadsChallenge - but one is actually the first volume of a graphic novel so I don’t know whether it qualifies
  • re-started studying #RememberingSimplifiedHanzi since the HSK break

My life is now significantly different under any respect so there are plenty of things I need to work on/start/restart/figure out. I specifically want to put my focus on:

  1. things to finish with Work I and Work II
  2. Chinese
  3. yoga
  4. minimalism
  5. bookreading
  6. job applications

So happy to be back 😋


I’ve done almost no dev since my last log, but I have finished two more books for my #GoodReadsChallenge (will probably finish a third tomorrow).

Tonight I also edited down a #shortstory by 600+ words (bringing it down to 12,200 words) so I can submit it to a contest next week. It’s kind of amazing how I never noticed all the useless words on previous read-throughs, but I guess that’s why you’re supposed to put a couple months between writing and editing.

January 2017


Tonight I:

  • (hopefully) fixed a Safari flexbox bug in the #MidnightMurderParty Reader. Since I don’t have any Apple devices handy, I’m waiting on @larouxn to confirm.
  • Moved over to Google Domains
  • Edited the #shortstory I wrote the other day
  • Printed out a QR code which I now need to scan to turn of my alarm. I put it in the kitchen next to the coffee maker.
  • Started reading another book (2/25 for my 2017 #GoodreadsChallenge)

I also wanted to set up my new phone tonight, but I’m waiting on a case for it before I switch over. Amazon Prime 2-day shipping was due to show up today, but neither item I ordered came. One said in the shipping tracker that it would arrive today before 8pm all the way until nearly midnight. Now both items have an estimated arrival time of 2-3 days from now. Apparently 2-day shipping became 4-5 day shipping somehow.


Hi. It’s been a while.

While I was gone, Chromium went and entirely broke—and I mean broke, as in unusable broke—the #MidnightMurderParty reader. Yeah, one version of Chromium, it works. The next, it doesn’t. Since this breaks every Chromium-based browser (Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex, you name it), Midnight Murder Party is suddenly unreadable in all of them. The elements render, but after page two, they are all invisible as if visibility: hidden is set (which it isn’t). The only thing I’ve managed to figure out is that it’s somehow caused by CSS columns (each page is a column). @larouxn and I were planning to have a beta test next week, but that’s shot until we figure out how to get around all these broken browsers. In the meantime, I’ve added Google Analytics and better error handling/reporting.

Unrelated to MMP, I spent the holidays with my family, set a 2017 #GoodreadsChallenge of 25 books, picked up my manual typewriter from the shop, and have begun #writing a story on it!

December 2016


Hello LittleLogs! Since my last log here I have:

  • finished reading another couple of books setting up my #GoodReadsChallenge at 27/25. Not bad!
  • took a flight to Scotland to spent both Christmas and New Year’s Eve with the Significant Other. Too bad he’s a doctor and he’ll be working all night tonight 🙁
  • decided to go for HSK (#Chinese proficiency test) in February 2017. I will have to adjust my study schedule accordingly in future weeks.
  • produced a lot of #blog #content before the end of the year. It was hard but I’m hugely proud to say that I did it!

2016 has been a tough but also satifying year. Happy 2017, the Year of the Rooster!