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February 2017


Tonight I filled out the author-data.yaml config file, which is basically a #yaml representation of my resume. The goal is to eventually generate both a PDF and HTML page by just changing this one file, thus always keeping my site and my PDF resume in sync and up-to-date. The PDF generation looks like it will be tricky (and involve me learning #LaTeX), but I rigged up the new config data with my #hakyll Context and can now display any of that data on a web page. That finishes the last of the necessary features for a minimal release of my #hakyll_portfolio_blog. Not sure if I’ll be able to throw together a design and style the whole site before the MMP beta ends on Tuesday, but that remains the goal.

September 2016


I didn’t get to post all weekend, but I haven’t been slacking. Promise! I actually got a lot done with my #hakyll_portfolio_blog.

  • Friday. Added logic to conditionally show fields based on metadata. Turns out it was tricky, but not impossible, @josh. I had to go on a type safari through #hakyll docs and source to figure it out. Since I couldn’t find any resources on doing this, I’ll write up an explanation in a blog post once my blog is done.
  • Saturday. I got the résumé JSON into a #hakyll Context and displayed in the template. I also figured out how to get #pandoc to inject values from the JSON into a #LaTeX template and render that template to PDF. All from #Haskell! Also, went to a diner for dinner.
  • Sunday. Tried to learn #LaTeX and ended up breaking my entire installation. Spent the first half of the day fixing it. Spent the rest of the day hanging out with @JorfimusPrime. Went to the diner again. I might like diners too much.

January 2016

  • Sent email to artists for details to add to acknowledgement page
  • Created a copyright page, that I based on the one from my previous book (done under a “real” publisher). I made this in #Latex directly as I don’t think #pandoc can do it easily, nicely.
  • Created the early access page, that mail will link to.
  • Spent hours trying to get it display correctly on my staging server. Which I think was a caching issue because when I eventually thought to reset nginx it went away. Gah.

I’m going to send out the early access email either tomorrow or Monday.

My overall goals for this project for the year are:

  1. Finish the book :)
  2. Sell 1000 units.

I think this is a modest goal, that I can meet but I won’t focus on it until the book is done.