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February 2017


Did some more work on the #MidnightMurderParty release countdown page. Added a #MailChimp form for people who want to be notified upon release and fixed a lot of styles on the page to be more responsive.

I still want to include something that makes it really clear what MMP actually is. Last time I released this project, a lot of people thought it was a family-friendly murder mystery and shared it as such. It’s not, and that did nothing good for reader retention. I’m thinking of coming up with a concise blurb like on the back of a book; the trick will be making it lighthearted and fun while also being clear about the content. But that’s an issue for the morning.

January 2017


#MidnightMurderParty development is finished!

Okay, maybe not entirely, but @larouxn and I just closed and merged in the last remaining development issues tonight. There’s still the beta test, which I’m sure will reveal some bugs, but until then, I have no reason to open up Sublime Text or fiddle with code. It feels like finishing that first draft of a story: yes, there is editing ahead, but right now I’m just really excited to have completed a first draft!

There’s still non-development stuff to be done for MMP (#writing, editing, configuring services like #Mailchimp, etc.), so I’ll still be logging about that, but for now, I think I’ll take the rest of the night off… maybe read a book, or just try to sleep off this cold.

August 2016


Finished the shim for Chromium-based browsers and added logic to avoid running it unless specific values were detected as “wrong.” This should prevent the fix from breaking browsers that work properly. Also fixed a recurring issue with Firefox… again.

I updated the generated #Disqus IDs to match the #midnightmurderparty #reader’s ID format, so they now work together. Though, I did have to rewrite the URL parsing logic with regex to account for more varying cases, especially links coming back from #Disqus.

Finally got a solid start on that config file. #Disqus is hooked up properly, and #Mailchimp is most of the way there. Currently, it’s just a JS file that gets bundled, but that’s leading to the need for dynamically included script elements as well as passing extra data around in the #Elm model. I’m considering injecting the config values during the build step instead, but I’ll have to think about it.

Does anyone know if there’s a standard way to do this sort of thing?

February 2016

January 2016

October 2015


Last week (and this month, in fact) was a bit of a blur. Quick wins:

  • We (frantically) added in video integration into our full page editor. It was an oversight in our original bare-boned v1 specs, but a sense of urgency stemmed from catering to a new client's content needs. Just YouTube for now. You best believe I used Hotline Bling vids for #QA 😏
  • Mapped out the content workplan for our October #newsletters; weird timing what with Halloween - hard to compete with other brand blasts vying for attention around the same time of year. On that note, recently signed up for holiday e-marketing pro tips from #Mailchimp - hoping to glean some insight.
  • CMS compatibility came up which led to a bigger convo re: #personas. We're starting to see so many variants with our clients' content needs and refining our archetypes is paramount at a time like this. Excited to explore further.

September 2015


Had 2 #meetings in the morning to 1) finalize copy for our outgoing #newsletters, and 2) to talk about the direction of our #blog. The latter was an expensive meeting - but for good reason. Looking around the room, I could see that we each represented different personas that can and will serve as diverse voices to champion different facets of our business. Wound up being a super fruitful #powwow and am happy to see we landed on some great angles to inform our editorial calendar for the following month. Hoping to lend my voice or contribute to some capacity.

Used a lot of buffer time I had in the afternoon chipping away at a few micro tasks related to getting our newsletters wired up in #Mailchimp, massaging the language used in our subsequent batch of customer satisfaction #cusat surveys, and gearing up for a big day of QA tomorrow.



Finished our month-end #newsletter #report and am finally getting into the groove of content drill downs. I'm a big fan of #Mailchimp's click map (though I wish they had a WYSIWYG-esque campaign report builder, as well as the ability to annotate reports). Having trouble figuring out how to properly centralize report findings as it includes a mix of both qualitative and quantitative data - any reccos? Excited to meet with our #content gal & #editorial ladies tomorrow to map out the plan for next month.

And finally, had a productive lunch meeting (or eat'n'meet as we like to call it) with the #culture committee. Can't believe it's already time to plan for the holidays! #Christmas festivities have been a blast in the past, and there's a lot to plan for way ahead of time.

#laterlog 2/2