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March 2017

November 2016


A bit tired tonight but happy to wrap things up.

Work 1 had its to do list all cleared up and even some tasks that have been dealt with in advance for next week. I’m behind on my work 2 though, as everyday new things come up and it becomes quite hard to stick to a plan. Got stuff done anyway.

As for #Chinese, I reviewed my #Anki decks twice again, and it feels incredibly right to be honest. Will I be able to keep it up?

Also wrote some #content for my #blog today and I quite enjoyed doing so. Read about 50 pages of my #currentnovel during lunch time.

#GirlmoreGirls S01E19 is waiting for me on #Netflix right now :) I should also add that documenting my achievements here on #littlelogs for two days ina row feels like a realization to me!


So, today was quite satisfying.

  • Work 1 = I couldn’t finish my work because I was given other tasks that needed to be taken care of (and I completed all of them), plus I dealt with a difficult interpersonal situation and everything turned out well :)
  • Work 2 = again I had to postpone some tasks I had scheduled for today as something else came up, but at least I got to finish the trickiest part of the job
  • Chinese = reviewed #Anki twice today, once this morning before work and once tonight at home (yes!); I know that one day doesn’t really mean anything [I need to study in the long run] but I have to start somewhere, right?

Won’t be watching #Netflix tonight, I’m ready for my nightly #plannerreview and #currentnovel reading =)