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January 2017


Completing my triumvirate of new year, new #midnightmurderparty dev and subsequent logs, I’m back to claim that though the reader is still completely borked in Chromium based browsers for every page after page 2… we have finally reached “no image curtain fall load” nirvana… with browser cache. First load is still janky, but better! By this I mean, you can’t see the image loading vertically down the page when you access the reader, provided you have some cache. This was primarily achieved by aggressively optimizing our image payload. CloudFlare is probably helping a bit too. 😄

Originally our image payload for the reader was 3.1mb. After my secondary optimization the image payload is down to just over 800kb. A ~75% size reduction! I couldn’t be happier with how well our image optimization went. @rhitakorrr and I also discussed Chromium fixes, merged in his new Google Analytics stack, and performed a bunch of routine maintenance and upgrades. The #RoadToBeta is real.