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January 2016



  1. User Stories - I will use #Trello as my agile storyboard / user story management and change management
  2. Wireframes - I will use #Axure for wireframes and mock prototyping.
  3. Environment setup - I will use #XAMPP on a local machine with #MySQL as the chosen database and #PHP as my chosen programming language.
  4. Code Management - I will use #bitbucket to practice the behaviour of managing code branches and merging.
  5. Other Technologies - I will employ #css but most probably a bit later once the functional aspects have been covered. The likelihood also is, if I find another technology which assists in meeting the use case and it can be implemented I will. i.e. #JSON / #JQUERY.


Thanks #Littlelogs community for the opportunity to share this with you, sorry the post is too long.


Working on fixing some #bugs in #exist for #ios this morning. It’s extra hard today because I’m dealing with stupid mistakes I’ve made:

  • Stopped merging dev branches into master before uploading to App Store, so master version doesn’t match what’s in App Store.
  • Added bug fixes for App Store version into latest dev build in-between working on #healthkit and location monitoring. Health and location aren’t ready for App Store release yet, so neither are those bug fixes.
  • Committing lots of different changes at once, making it hard to find when/where/how I fixed bugs previously in order to replicate in a different branch.

Bad, bad habits. I’m very annoyed at myself.