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August 2016


Day 2 of my new morning routine went okay. I got started a bit late, but managed to fit everything in to some degree. It’s nice to be doing some personal #writing in the mornings again.

Also wrote up July’s #HelloCode monthly report today, followed up a couple of #client emails, and made some changes to my productivity #book sign up page to reflect my new ideas for it. I’m going to focus it more on analogue productivity, and fold in some of the general #productivity research I’d planned to include. So it’s time to create a #littlelogs project for it! #productivitybook

July 2016

June 2016


Getting back into a proper workflow today. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Planned the outline for a new #book I’m considering #writing about #content writing and strategy.
  • Drafted a short post for the #exist #blog.
  • Did a little Exist for #ios testing.
  • Did some follow up work from our Exist user survey.
  • Sent an email to Exist users about my #productivehabits course, since a lot of users said in the survey that they’re also interested in habit tracking.

February 2016


Finally finished the last #draft of my #article on #buyers #behavior. Tomorrow is for final #proofreading and #editing. I hope the client likes my work since my head is still full of researches(thank you #diigo, thank you #trello, you both saved my [professional] life). Now I’m still discussing with a new client for a part-time #job as an #editor for a local blog. Hope it sticks. While the topics aren’t really exciting, the pay is good and the work doesn’t take long. More updates on that tomorrow. Also the #book #geographyofgenius is pretty great. I keep recommending it to everyone even though I just finished the first chapter :)

December 2015


Just finished my final(hopefully) #job application for a #socialmedia position at one of my favorite websites. I will send it tomorrow after a final revision. I am really proud and excited. Tomorrow is for revisions(the last, I hope) on my #roco article and writing a new post for my #blog. Last but not least, I have one more hour from one of the best movies I watched in 2015(new ideas for #book maybe?). Also today I had an epiphany, sort of: You can really be inspired by almost everything around you!

September 2015

July 2015

February 2015