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February 2017

November 2016


This week has marked a return to #biking to work after getting my bike fixed, woohoo! To be fair, it has been mostly dry out, but I’m confident I can make myself keep riding when the rain comes back.

In #coding news, I figured out my #tributepage on Wednesday! Now it’s just a matter of adding a bit more content, cleaning the code to remove comments I no longer need, and make it look pretty. After that I can submit it and move on to the next challenge!

I also joined Support’s Driven 6-Week Writing Challenge (#sdwritingchallenge) and published my first post last week. Want to add some photos and headers to make it friendlier, and now working on #writing the second one!

October 2016


I’ve been a bit distracted, but there has been some progress!

  • I posted that Did You Know I mentioned on October 5 #hsadvocate
  • I finished taking notes from ‘Born for This’ #books
  • I gave my first speech at my work’s #publicspeaking group
  • I joined a group of teammates who want to learn #coding and meet once a week. First meeting tomorrow! #tributepage

The #datatoinsight Data Learn course is on hold for now, there’s other things I’d like to focus on right now.

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