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October 2016

September 2016


Did a bunch of small tasks this morning:

  • updated the #exist FAQs page with some new services and data types we’ve added recently
  • Pitched a #guestpost to a productivity blog
  • submitted my iPhone setup to a site that features user setups every week
  • ordered some stuff I’d been meaning to buy for the house for ages
  • made a couple of tiny improvements to #exist for #ios
  • wrote a feedback survey to send to people who’ve completed my #productivehabits #course

Caught up a bit today. Finally figured out my feature article idea and the magazine I’ll pretend to be pitching to (thanks @josh for the help). Hopefully it’ll be approved so I can get it done soon.

Also did some editing for a #client #content article I submitted last week, sent some #guestpost pitches that had been waiting for a couple of weeks, drafted a #guestpost that’s due this week, and started some #research #sketchnotes for one of this week’s client articles.

January 2016


Had a #guestpost about habit building go live on the Buffer Open blog overnight, so jumped into the comments first thing this morning. Nice to have such positive feedback from everyone. #content

Last night I played with #swift a bit more. I’m slowly porting my #littlelogs #ios app from #objectivec to #swift. It feels good to actually write some swift code, because the ideas really aren’t sticking in my brain just from reading about them. I’m really enjoying the syntax so far, but I’m a bit frustrated at the extra coercion needed to get swift to play nicely with #json, since I deal with #API results a lot. #laterlog


Submitted a #guestpost about how I build habits. Hoping it’ll help get the word out about my #productivehabits #course. Also got a couple of extra course signups today thanks to the creator of #Strikethru sharing my blog post about how I use his system in my notebook.

Oh, and this morning I drafted a new post for the #exist #blog and edited one for my blog that should go up today… if I get around to it. #content


Did some small tasks this morning:

  • sent off an outline of a #guestpost that had been requested after I suggested a topic
  • uploaded a new build of #exist for #ios for beta testers
  • sorted out some #tax #admin forms and payments

Need to get stuck into some client work today, but my sunburn from yesterday is really sore still, and makes me want to just go to sleep until it’s healed.


Spent most of today helping my Dad move house. Didn’t realise we’d be out in the sun all day, and forgot to take sunscreen, so now I have some nasty red patches of skin to deal with.

Since that took up most of my time I didn’t do much else besides a few emails. I do have a promising #guestpost in the works which will hopefully work out well and help my #productivehabits #course along. Also got some more good feedback about the course today, which made me feel good. It’s awesome to hear about people actually using the course lessons.

May 2015

February 2015