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May 2017


Upgraded the #PureScript version for the #MidnightMurderParty editor tonight. I tried the upgrade on Sunday on my Ubuntu laptop, but nothing was working out. The upgrade went much more smoothly tonight on my Windows desktop. Go figure. In any case, PureScript is now an #npm dependency instead of a global install, and I’ve added a build task in #gulp. Still working on adapting the code since all the #JSON encoding/decoding stuff has been changed around in this version of PS and VS Code is being finicky after the upgrade.

November 2015


This is my first post to #littlelogs. I’m going to log the things I do and learn for a month and see how it goes.

For work: I revised some contextual #docs in response to #Drupal 8’s release. I ended up learning a bit about Drush. I really like the idea of controlling web-based tools with command-line interfaces.

For me: I started a rough draft of a contributor’s guide for an open-source project I’m helping out on. Hoping to ramp up work on that over the weekend. I read a couple more #readme files for my read-a-bunch-of-readmes project (which I don’t have a name for yet). I really liked the What is gulp? section of the #gulp readme. It’s not just a grab bag of nouns! It’s amazing how rare that is.

Finally, I was really wired for most of the afternoon. Lesson learned: don’t drink so much coffee on a mostly empty stomach.

October 2015

September 2015


Let a #Gulp generator setup my latest side project and now I'm using some more bleeding edge stuff (#ES6, flexbox) that makes me hopeful for the future of front-end development.

August 2015