Keep a social journal of your work progress as you make and learn things.


January 2017


Hit 1,065 matches from 2,315 jobs on #talenthunch overnight! #milestone

Other stats so far

  • Unique homepage views: 66
  • New candidate registrations: 9
  • Total skills added: 37
  • Unique (grouped by name) skills added: 30
  • Highest count for the same unique skill: 3
  • Positions added (work experience): 12

November 2016


I went back through my git history tonight and it turns out my first #changemap commit was exactly one month ago, October 7. That seems pretty auspicious timing to release it! I got its live server set up this afternoon, and configured Let’s Encrypt for the SSL cert tonight — actually way less complicated than I expected. Very handy.

So anyway, without further ado — Changemap is live! It’s beta, or MVP, or whatever, but it’s there and it’s ready to serve our #Exist users. Check it out. #milestone


Ahh keep forgetting to log lately! Here’s what I’ve done over the past couple days:

July 2016

  • 40 people signed up to #PlanMyMeal but feedback and activation rate is still just 10%. I think the customer segment still isn’t quite right.
  • Redesigned #PlanMyMeal Google Slides meal plan template
  • Landed the first paying customer for #PlanMyMeal. Got an idea that maybe we should target a different customer segment.
  • Completed book writing workshop with Catherine Moolenschot
  • Completed another customer interview, this time, I got the “right” customer

June 2016


And the #rpg_book project is now released :D

  • I took the people who already bought the book and stripped them out of the announcement email. I sent them a more personalised mail.
  • Pushed everything live

Everything seems to be working at moment :D I’ll see how it goes over the rest of the day!

April 2016


Made a very crappy, basic homepage for #larder with a screenshot and hooked up the signup flow. Everything that needed to be ready for launch is ready, so it’s live and open to public signups. Woo! #milestone

Now there’s a heap of new work to do, like browser extensions and mobile apps.

March 2016


Well, I spent the day setting up a bunch of little #larder things like queueing, went through the signup flow a few times and fixed some things, and finally got it to the bare minimum (MVP I guess?) where I’m comfortable showing other people. I invited a couple of beta testers tonight, but I did it by hand and I think I’ll leave the others until tomorrow and automate it somehow. Anyway, yay! Larder is now in beta 🎉 #milestone

September 2015

May 2015