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March 2017


Decided my project this weekend is to move my blog, built on very very old #php I wrote not long out of uni, to a static site generated by #pelican. Getting set up didn’t take long, but I’m glad I’m already familiar with #python as the docs are a bit lacking. Also, geez, all the free themes look designed by developers — a couple are nice but most are just passable and the rest are outright ugly.

I found a theme that wasn’t too bad and spent the afternoon customising it to match what I was after. Think that’s done, at least for a first pass, so tomorrow (or next weekend) I’ll need to export my old blog posts into pelican and then deploy the new blog (and some redirection for old urls).

April 2016

March 2016


Small amount of editing this morning but aiming to finish off this chapter today.

The How to Make an RPG site contains a collection of articles to help people make their games. These are statically generated using Pelican and served using nginx. I’ve added a bit of code using jquery that adds a “call to action” at the end of each of these articles.

The code snippet asks rails for some call to action code and inserts it into the page.

The current “call to action” is a rough invitation to join the mailing list.

I want the call to action code to be dynamic so I can easily change it and do tests. This is just a first get-it-working step, it’s something to tinker with later.


January 2016


Still finding things that need setting up on my new computer. Today it was #pelican, which I use for my blog. Turns out it wasn’t simple at all, so I had to ask @josh to help me figure out the #python issues, which eventually meant we had to set up a virtual environment for it. Also had some issues with the pelican settings, which didn’t like the way I was doing things (even though it worked fine on my old computer with the same pelican version).

Anyway. It’s up and running, and I have a link to my Productive Habits course in the sidebar now.