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September 2016


Looks like I’m starting this week by going to bed too late again. Oops.

Today I continued working on the #hakyll_portfolio_blog.

  • Added an #RSS feed. This is actually really simple in #hakyll, but I wanted the URLs in the feed formatted a certain way which complicated the process. Spent a while digging through #hakyll docs and mapping function compositions into monads to “alter” strings. Eventually, I got it working.
  • Added link to resume as well as social media links in the sidebar.
  • Sidebar now handles scrolling in a more aesthetically pleasant manner.
  • Removed banner from the home page since it looked too busy and confusing.
  • Added banner support to posts and post teasers.

I still have lots to add (Disqus, social share buttons, Google Analytics, better post formatting, etc.), but it’s coming along. Honestly, though, I’m pretty tired of #css and #design in general. I’m trying to finish this quickly so I can get back to logic programming and #writing.

January 2016