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November 2016


Forgot Mac charger at home, so no code today. Sad. ];

Signed up for winter semester, it’s been a year since school and is an exciting change! Liking my options, already have ideas for projects that would synchronize well with school. #school

Did research for #music , picked out chord progressions to play around with. Also cleared out my inbox, and stayed disciplined in terms of Toggl time tracking (Good suggestion @belle)! #productivity The graphs are hot.


Took a break yesterday to clean out old junk. The hardest choices so far are books (way too many, but lots of nostalgia!). I want to pass many on to future children, but I know I’ll be more free without the clutter. I’ll probably keep the books but be aggressive with removing less meaningful possessions.

Also been taking this #minimalism approach to my virtual clutter, deleting files I will never reference again, and uninstalling apps. Feels really good to be free of time-wasting distractions.

Still have the evening ahead for projects, hoping to write a bit more music and to crash and rise early for code.


This long weekend has been a real blessing. I’ve gained serious momentum.

  • Close to reading all data from the website I’m parsing. Feels good, as I can’t wait to start on UI! #WireApp
  • Started a song! Love Spitfire Audio samples. I was finding my 88 key midi keyboard to be overkill, so I’ve downsized to work with my 24 one. Feels good to have everything close at hand. #Overture

Lazy day, woke up late. Running is rewarding, and good for my sleep!

  • Quality checked my music site and added Drift #overture
  • Overhauled my Notion book, frontloaded goals and simplified categories for bigger productivity. Feels great!
  • Started looking at new timetracking systems. Anyone have any suggestions? This would be incredible if it was Android.

Yesterday was decent: finished a big revision on my website (wasn’t happy with it before), had some family time with dad, went for a run, but ended up not being able to sleep - and waking up sick today! I’ve managed to do couple easy tasks so far.

  • Set up Github pages site for music portfolio (with domain) #overture-sound
  • Organized my Notion workbook

We’ll see what else I can do today, I’ll need to limit how much election coverage I take in tonight. I’ve heard I can have too much of a good thing. 😬


I forgot about and missed this place! OOPS. 😢

Some recent changes / accomplishments in my project work

  • Defocused on Relate temporarily Will be working on it less to prioritize potential money making projects. =D
  • Defocused on Heroic It’s really a fun game but I need a couple months heavily playtest the Story sheets system I came up with.
  • Focusing on music been spending the last few weeks building up a music portfolio. Thought I’d explore making money or at least writing music for people now that I’m back in school.
  • Started a new app It crawls and indexes articles off of one of my favorite news sites. I want it to sync the entire site offline in a mobile-first UI, if I finish a prototype I’ll send it to them and ask if they’d like it completed.

And some other random updates

  • Running 5k every other / few days. Has helped my productivity!
  • Experimenting with supplements Ginseng, fish oil, dandelion leaf…

Last resolution is to visit again tomorrow!

08 Nov 2016

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September 2016


Fall is officially here. The weather is cold and I’m loving the change, gets me in a reflective mood about my life. And reflection clears up the why / how for my work!

  • Played a session this weekend and my new prep tools for #Heroic worked out ok. They really need some refinement, there is a lot of fluff. But they worked!
  • Also did a lot with #Relate lately. The app is really gaining a unique look and professional feel. Early mornings are definitely my best time for coding.

Had an awesome morning. Actually woke up around 5:00!

  • Worked on #Relate for 30 minutes, started replacing settings menu and cleaning up some UI ugliness
  • Cleared email, organized some friend stuff for weekend
  • Exercised, watched Netflix, cleaned up house

I’ve been trying to find ways to get up that early for weeks, it seems sleeping downstairs and setting six alarms did the trick!


Things are progressing for #Heroic ! =D

  • Finished a big revision on my Storyteller sheet. It’s now ready for testing.
  • The first usable draft of my World sheets are done. Also ready for testing.
  • Updated the website a bunch. A lot cleaner and more useable.
  • Made a public repo for the materials of the game that are being tested. I’ll put everything in there eventually.
  • Started version tracking again… feels good
  • Drafted a Map sheet. I want have more on it but it’s tough to balance putting useable guides on the sheet with leaving space to draw… Also want room for notes. Will be thinking on that.

Had a good chat with my colleague about #Relate as well. I’ve been having crappy sleeps, so I haven’t gotten any work - but I’m determined to adjust my evening routine!


Put the book for #Heroic on hold. It was going very well, but I realized I had written to a point where what I was writing about didn’t make as much sense as I though it did… I have a solid three chapters which rock, the rest needs to be designed a bit more coherently. so back to game design!

Enjoyed the break though, gave me a fresh perspective on things. Spent this week reading up on game design mechanics, furiously taking notes, of which I am now implementing straight into my Trello and sheets.

August 2016


Have made incredible process with the #Heroic book. Second chapter already reads incredibly well to my ears. Writing the book at this stage is perfect, as it’s really affirmed that I have a viable product budding into existence.

Also had a revelation on how I’m going to simplify the Storyteller tools. Instead of providing different tools for plots, areas, characters, monsters and more - I’ll combine them all into one. That takes the prize as my best shower thought this month.


Took a break from my logging / journalling in various places lately to focus in on my work itself. It was a nice change but I’d like to return to logging if possible.

Some things achieved lately

  • Had several iterations of #Relate Things are slowly improving with feedback and internal use
  • Started writing the official rulebook for #Heroic In a week or two I may complete a first draft
  • Finished drafts of all the Storyteller sheets for #Heroic , they now need to be extensively tested on a weekly basis, perhaps until release

Have had a lull in work on personal projects lately. Whether fatigue, disenchantment, or something else I’m not sure. Either way, I am considering refocusing my activities around content creation for my projects. I’m doing too much, and need to evaluate what’s important!

Last night I “finished” my research for #Heroic . I’ve written down all of the ideas I like from various games, now I just need to sort and turn those ideas into mechanics.

Haven’t worked on #Relate , but I had a short meeting with my friend about it yesterday. I have a task to do today which shouldn’t be too hard. I will definitely feel more inclined to work on it if we meet more and I cut out what is superfluous.

Been weeks since I wrote / finished any #music . Tried writing something yesterday but the pieces weren’t coming together. Mostly a problem of me not working intelligently.

July 2016


Spent about an hour going through research stuff for #Heroic. Wrote down a bunch of new ideas. I’ve realized I’m going to have devote more than 20 minutes a day to this, as I have 150+ documents I want to go through. Definitely overkill, but I do want to really enrich what ideas I’m developing.


Didn’t achieve much yesterday due to fatigue. Migrated everything over to today by hand in Bulletjournal in an effort to make what I need to do stick firmly in my mind.

I did do a bit more research for #Heroic yesterday. After reading all the innovations others are making in the field, I really find myself wanting to streamline things and make it as simple and elegant as possible. It would be an impossible task to achieve everything I want, so it’s up to me prioritize intelligently.


Been doing a lot of research and design for #Heroic . I find these are good activities to engage in when I’m ultra-busy and/or tired, as they don’t require much energy or focus. Once I get some solid time blocked off I will move back to content creation. I need to redo my Storyteller Sheets as the testing last weekend didn’t go so well. To much clutter, they need to be simpler.


Made a prototype for a #ReviveWisdom app. It’s pretty good looking so far, but it’s time to make an actual plan to limit the time I spend on it and focus the time I spend to making a focused and useable product.


Had a very unproductive weekend. And it was fun!

Latest achievement for #Relate has been adding a little ripple effect every time the clock ticks. It looks pretty, although it probably wasn’t the best thing to focus on in terms of development.


Copied a lot of old notes for game mechanic ideas and fluff to my computer yesterday. I had probably 20-30 sticky notes shoved in my bag. It was an entertaining process trying to piece together what I mean’t when I scribbled down something like “10+ succ, 15- thrat” #Heroic


Not had a lot of time nor energy to work on projects lately. Latest achievement for #Heroic though is cleaning up & organizing my queue of game design research (300+ docs, whew!). Also been posting a lot on game design communities. it’s great helping others with problems you stumbled through months earlier, and helps focus my thoughts on different concepts.

Had a real fail moment yesterday with #Relate. Started integrating a library without properly reading through any of the comments. It was too late before I realized the whole library was out of date and ridden with bugs. And to top it off I didn’t commit beforehand. Lesson learned!


Forgot my bulletjournal at home. Currently have my todolist scratched out from memory on a sticky note. Not going to let that put a dent in my day though, I’ll make it a priority to finish all I can remember at work as soon as possible, and then return home.

12 Jul 2016

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Wrote a new song! #music Going to hold off on publishing it, as I want to release 10 songs in 10 consecutive weeks, and it would be nice to have a queue again.

Been falling behind on #projects lately. As an assertive measure to prevent the same from happening this week, I wrote a fleshed out 1000 word reflection on what I’m doing. If anything, it was better for my mind than it was for any specific plans / to do items I’ve written. We’ll see what difference it makes.


On the table for #Relate today

  • Add some simple audio feedback (sound effects)
  • Adding persistence to the data (Sharedprefs)

#Heroic today

  • Draft out all concepts and ideas on paper for Storyteller Sheets

Simple, specific tasks. Should be easy enough to achieve, with focus.


Making a deliberate choice today to not work on my projects. =D I’ve realized burnout and lack of perspective is an issue that plagues me throughout the dev. process, and I hope by taking a step back once and a while I can combat that. So goals for the day are simply, do different/new things, enjoy myself, and plan for the future.

Had great strides yesterday with #Relate . By having a proper Trello board that I check daily, I’ve really been able to make significantly more progress.

I still haven’t had any luck with #music (last song was 2-3 weeks ago), but I think my solution is near in sight. I need to be aggressive with closing my evening time off from electronic distractions. The only way I can focus in on music is when the chatter of media is away.


Wasted an hour of time last night experimenting with visual stuff for #Relate . It’s important that I don’t do this often, as it sidetracks from my actual goal. My designer instincts can often be a bad thing.


Got really good feedback through Reddit! Just as much praise as critique in fact. Very encouraged by that. Today I’ll be seeing if I can finish drafts for every single Storyteller sheets. It’s a tall task but we’ll see how I do. #Heroic

Meeting with my colleagues on #Relate today. it’s been three weeks since the last meeting so I’m hoping for some productive outcomes and attitude.

Also going to experiment with some pinpointed weekly goals, and sub-tasks and actions to make them more achievable.


I asked for feedback on one of my classes through Reddit, we’ll see what kind of response I get. Also been asking around for prices on art. Managed to find some very competitive prices, which is encouraging - as at the least I’ll want some sort of cover piece for #Heroic

Drafted some short design goals for #Relate . This is something I’m doing for all of my projects now, and am looking over daily. It’s essential to always know the why behind a project.

And under misc. things, uninstalled Overwatch. If I want to be an entrepreneur, I’ve got to work hard and earn my right to have oodles of free time =D In addition, I’ve started setting mini timers to see how short I can complete tasks in. All it means is that I don’t drag out easy project tasks, and get to my free time faster!

June 2016


I’m a far way off from my weekly goals for this week. If I’m honest, it comes down to not having strict morning / evening routines. I think that’ll be my topic of reflection for today.

On the bright side, I’ve had a couple accomplishments.

  • Half integrated a library for #Relate
  • Drafted another Storyteller sheet for #Heroic and semi-organized my queue of research to read and take action from
  • Cleaned up a lot of #ReviveWisdom by adding new photos and fixing formatting

And on the super bright side, Canada day is tomorrow! I’m going to take an actual holiday tomorrow, because - patriotism!


Storyteller stuff for #Heroic is steadily growing, everything will be drafted for the end of the week! After that, I’ll draft races and maybe a new class. If everything plays nicely at that point, I’ll write the rules for an Alpha playtest package. I still need to think about what I can show off in small pieces to different communities, to get precision feedback.

#ReviveWisdom is coming along nicely. I’ve recommitted to adding to it ten minute a day. If I continue that for a couple weeks, I may show it off.

And I got some work done on #Relate ! Still struggling to implement cards and the RecyclerView, but I think I have a complete handle on how it works, after many mistakes.


Started further expanding the tools on the Storyeller side of things. #Heroic There will be sheets to handle Plots / events, Locales / features, characters / actions, etc. Whether it plays well is a different question, but this definitely feels like new ground that I’m treading in.

I do seem to be losing a bit of my passion for this, as I haven’t had as many playtests as I had hoped. I’ve decided to change my focus with Heroic to just getting it in the hands of as many people as fast as possible.

No #music last week! Again. D; I’m going to journal today about how to try and balance everything again. 1000 words minimum. While I’ve had odd weeks in the past where I seemed to be progressing steadily on everything, the last two have not been like that.


#Heroic playtest was really fun. The nature of the group I’m with at the moment is that we never get deep into the mechanics, but nothing on the surface broke - so there’s that! After I integrate the notes I made I’m going to take a step back to my Trello board and make sure I pick the right tasks for the next weeks. I’m tempted to jump into making abilities for all the classes, but another voice is telling me I should create every starting class’s abilities first. (All this take a lot of work so I will need to choose well!) Biggest thing right now I suspect is polishing up a playtest package that anyone can pick up and roll with, so I can get my ideas out in the open and fully validated / destroyed.


Playtest tonight! Scheduling it pushed me to make a lot of edits this week. Tonight will validate my design, but I’m very proud of what I’ve created. #Heroic I’m also considering posting some previews of what I’m doing and sharing some philosophical ideas with some game design communities, namely /r/rpgdesign

Been working on #ReviveWisdom a bit, it was a huge pain and too much work to custom create color filters for each image - I found and am integrating a neat tool that may bypass that problem.

I am seriously stalling on #Relate again. Need to be honest about that. I have a couple material design examples loaded up on Android Studio, just need to find some time to go through and understand the code.

And I found an old song I wrote in my iTunes library! It’s a year old, and just a simple .mp3, but I’m so inspired with it that I think I’m going to re-work and polish it up (it’s six minutes long, man that is that bad >.<).


Wrote another song, Aer! #music I was aiming to write two to play catch up, but it never happened. This one gets really muffled in the middle, as I went overboard on the number of instruments, but I learned a lot from doing so. Mainly, to never let a project or task overstay it’s welcome. Love and affection for my creations often gets in the way of making new, better ones.

Still gearing up for a playtest. #Heroic. I was considering removing races from the game yesterday, and now I’ve convinced myself again that I need them. They are going to be a lot of work, but I’ve made a final decision to ignore them for now, until my classes are really good. #Heroic

And I got sick this weekend! Again! So not progress on #Relate. But I will integrate cards today. Most definitely.


Scheduled a playtest for #Heroic. It’s been far too long, but better late than never. Going to focus on having super tight, level one sheets. Honestly, I need to find a way to playtest every week. But that probably means releasing a digital playtest package. Hm, I’ll think on that.

#Relate is going well, the frontend looks very pretty. I’m going to integrate cards tomorrow. Found some great code examples that I’ll work through.

Super tired, so I don’t even know if I want to waste time with #music. The best thing would be to take a nap. Yeah… let’s do that.


Worked on #music a little last night, I currently have a rising ambient piece that I’m struggling to make sense of. It builds from frozen strings into a powerful mountain of noise, but I can’t find a melody to pair it with. I’ve tried:

  • fading it out
  • switching tones
  • switching pace

In order to destroy procrastination and writers block, I may publish a preview of it as is and move onto something else. I want to stick to my mantra of “finishing everything I start,” but being flexible doesn’t hurt! I may also go back to my drawing board of music theory.

Worked a little on #Heroic this week. Sent a preview of my sheets to a game designer friend, I was blown away by his praise. It’s unbelievably awesome to get praise from people you love, especially when you don’t depend on it for affirmation.

For #Relate, things have really been shaping up. My co-developer implemented tabs and facebook logic, and I’ve added some graphical niceties. Going to work on a cards implementation next!


Didn’t write a song this week - going to play catchup this week as I don’t want to lose this habit. #music I did get to test out my Storyteller sheet, while incomplete - was a great guide in GMing any system. #Heroic Not sure what my goals are for this week but I’ll be writing them down sometime this morning.

Had a great meeting with my business partners about #Relate. There may be some money coming in that will allow us to have dedicated time to develop this. Very exciting! Also mapped out our next week in terms of features we want to see completed. All in all, things are brightening up for that project.


Applied for a second part-time design job! Never done any design work, so I whipped up a portfolio and updated my resume.

Been working on #Relate for three days semi-consistantly. Currently working on an App Intro, did some others stuff the last days such as creating more themes, improving some of the screens, and brainstorming ways to enagage the user.

Also had some success tidying up the Storyteller sheet. #Heroic I read through some Angry GM articles and integrated a couple key ideas on adjudication and narration. I’ve split their possible actions into ‘Story Moves’ and ‘Conflicts.’ This sheet is definitely the hardest so far.

Only problem this week is I haven’t worked on music. ]= Seems like I only have so much. It’s ok though, as last week I proved I can write a piano skit in 1-2 hours.

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