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I forgot about and missed this place! OOPS. 😢

Some recent changes / accomplishments in my project work

  • Defocused on Relate temporarily Will be working on it less to prioritize potential money making projects. =D
  • Defocused on Heroic It’s really a fun game but I need a couple months heavily playtest the Story sheets system I came up with.
  • Focusing on music been spending the last few weeks building up a music portfolio. Thought I’d explore making money or at least writing music for people now that I’m back in school.
  • Started a new app It crawls and indexes articles off of one of my favorite news sites. I want it to sync the entire site offline in a mobile-first UI, if I finish a prototype I’ll send it to them and ask if they’d like it completed.

And some other random updates

  • Running 5k every other / few days. Has helped my productivity!
  • Experimenting with supplements Ginseng, fish oil, dandelion leaf…

Last resolution is to visit again tomorrow!

08 Nov 2016

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