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Been doing mostly work on #websites the past few days. Also did an assessment of my project ideas, and realized there is one app idea I had that I hadn’t given proper thought to. Could be worth dropping everything for and pursuing over the next month. We’ll see!

26 February websites

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Thanks for the interest Daniel! 😊 It’s actually a very casual process:

  • I estimate the amount of hours it’ll take me
  • The minimum and maximum potential benefits (Money, skill gained, personal satisfaction)
  • Think of the worst case scenario (helps me be realistic and not be frustrated when something doesn’t work out)

I was able to do this a couple days ago, and realized there is an app idea with huge financial potential that I really want to prototype!

This process is pretty easy for me as I keep all of my ongoing project task lists and project ideas besides one another. Very easy to asess the complexity and benefits of projects since I have everything already grouped together:

01 March


Kanban is geat! Anything visual beats a task list by miles. 😎

I used Trello for a while with a Kanban-esque workflow, but have since consolidated all of my docs, to-dos, even writing into Notion. I love it because of how free-form it is. it doesn’t force me into it’s idea of what a productive workflow should look like, and gives me room to experiment.

05 March