Keep a social journal of your work progress as you make and learn things.


Simplified! #minimalism Thanks @blackshaman for your tag, the mention of minimalism sparked me to be more focused in my work.

Since my last log:

  • Overhauled my portfolio
  • Drafted a website for my web design work with my friend. Hoping our projects will finish up so i can showcase them on the site.
  • Started drafting a #patreon page for my musician roommate. Also made him a website. He’s really good. 😀
  • Recorded a couple episodes of a podcast I’m doing with my work friend. Don’t expect to attract any serious audience, more to showcase our funny chats and encourage us to have productive conversations to record.
  • Started a Unity game with that same friend. He’s a wizard in that engine and with my new marketing skills I’d like to actually make us some money.

Probably forgot something. Also had an incredible night. Skipped sleep to work on projects, and boy did it pay off! 💪


I like the way we are inspiring each other! 😀 Now you have a moral obligation to keep up the good work, so that I’ll keep feeling motivated to do the same 😆

13 March


Good plan!👌 Let’s keep it up, being productive feels great

14 March