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July 2016


Made a prototype for a #ReviveWisdom app. It’s pretty good looking so far, but it’s time to make an actual plan to limit the time I spend on it and focus the time I spend to making a focused and useable product.

June 2016


I’m a far way off from my weekly goals for this week. If I’m honest, it comes down to not having strict morning / evening routines. I think that’ll be my topic of reflection for today.

On the bright side, I’ve had a couple accomplishments.

  • Half integrated a library for #Relate
  • Drafted another Storyteller sheet for #Heroic and semi-organized my queue of research to read and take action from
  • Cleaned up a lot of #ReviveWisdom by adding new photos and fixing formatting

And on the super bright side, Canada day is tomorrow! I’m going to take an actual holiday tomorrow, because - patriotism!


Storyteller stuff for #Heroic is steadily growing, everything will be drafted for the end of the week! After that, I’ll draft races and maybe a new class. If everything plays nicely at that point, I’ll write the rules for an Alpha playtest package. I still need to think about what I can show off in small pieces to different communities, to get precision feedback.

#ReviveWisdom is coming along nicely. I’ve recommitted to adding to it ten minute a day. If I continue that for a couple weeks, I may show it off.

And I got some work done on #Relate ! Still struggling to implement cards and the RecyclerView, but I think I have a complete handle on how it works, after many mistakes.


Playtest tonight! Scheduling it pushed me to make a lot of edits this week. Tonight will validate my design, but I’m very proud of what I’ve created. #Heroic I’m also considering posting some previews of what I’m doing and sharing some philosophical ideas with some game design communities, namely /r/rpgdesign

Been working on #ReviveWisdom a bit, it was a huge pain and too much work to custom create color filters for each image - I found and am integrating a neat tool that may bypass that problem.

I am seriously stalling on #Relate again. Need to be honest about that. I have a couple material design examples loaded up on Android Studio, just need to find some time to go through and understand the code.

And I found an old song I wrote in my iTunes library! It’s a year old, and just a simple .mp3, but I’m so inspired with it that I think I’m going to re-work and polish it up (it’s six minutes long, man that is that bad >.<).

May 2016


Wow… it’s been a while.

  • Heroic is steadily progressing. Started a really WIP bad version of the rules along with my changelog. The changelog is the most important thing at the moment, as most of my development is on building character sheets for the game. The rules of the game are still in flux, but I’d like to spend time this weekend updating what I have posted at the moment.
  • I immediately failed my goal of posting one song a week, but am playing catchup to kick failure in the butt. #music Last piece is a [piano skit ( I am mildly pleased with. When I publish my next proper song I’m going to attempt to do a better job of promoting it.
  • Haven’t worked on my self-improvement blogs for a while, which is fine. I was pushing myself too much. I still want to collect quotes on a regular basis and post them somewhere, pairing each of them with a unique color-toned image is too much right now. #ReviveWisdom

Published my song yesterday, very happy that I managed to write it in short spurts over six days! It feels good to do something you love after months away from it. Recorded a couple more sketches last night, I’ll come back to them this evening and see what listens best. #music

Didn’t get a playtest in this weekend, but I developed another queue for my blogs. #ReviveWisdom

For #Heroic I’ll be focusing on creating content over the next five days. I’m feeling lost this morning, so plan is to chart out my whole week in specific detail. I created three new classes last week (not bad!) and my initial feeling is to start adding progression to each class and get some feeling of what I want it to look like. A big spark of inspiration this weekend was the idea of adding resource management to each class. It would add some symmetry, and is an easy way to add depth if each class handles it in a unique way.

April 2016


Goal for today is to let go of my perfectionist tendencies and let the next playtest speak for itself. #Heroic I’ve written a lot of mechanics this week that seem fun, but are craving testing. “Great ideas aren’t developed in isolation”, I keep reminding myself.

I’ve had a lot of success with #music this week, switching gears and letting my conscious mind work on other pursuits sparks better ideas when I come back to the keys. I’ve finished a second section with a slower tone, the last challenge is to tie it together and adjust harmonies to clear up the dissonance.

I’m also going to work on setting up a newsletter for #ReviveWisdom tomorrow or tonight. I’d like to dwell on the quotes a bit and email them out regularly, even if it’s just a reminder to myself to internalize these great ideas I’m learning.


Yesterday was definitely a Monday!

Today has been better. I’m almost ready to playtest the Paladin, Ranger and Rogue classes #Heroic - I’ve been reading through the abilities several times a day and have made significant progress. They feel good, I’ve nailed down the syntax and have decided to stick with five starting abilities for now. Once I transfer the .txt to the .psd (hoping to do so tonight) I’ll template a second page for the class abilities.

I’ve also got a new game plan for tackling writing music in my spare time. Now that I’ve automated a lot of what I’m doing with #ReviveWisdom and #NoFapHacks I think I’ve got the mental bandwidth to re-implement an old hobby. (Consistent sleep is currently a lost cause haha)

Also got my site back up using Github pages (I think). Yay, no annual more hosting fees! Definitely need to clean it up, the images are at original resolution and take forever to load on my potato work computer XD


Feelings aren’t everything when you’re making stuff. You might feel like you are getting nothing done, but the key is to overrule those thoughts and keep pushing through.

Got a reasonable amount done: had a meeting with a friend regarding the timeline for our app. Worked on recreating races & classes for #Heroic, then hastily wrote and pushed out a play test the next day. It went well, I know I’m not totally out to lunch!

Today I’ll take a mini Sabbath and go for a hike with a friend, and eat some raman afterwards. Until then I will work on pushing out all my project changes on Bitbucket, writing some content for #NoFapHacks and prepping photos for #ReviveWisdom.