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June 2017


A short update on what I’ve been working on lately

  • Paused development on #Chronicle as it’s going to take more time than I have savings to burn at this point. Now focusing on developing smaller apps, aiming to have one done by the end of this month.
  • Brought #Heroic to a fully playable private alpha state. That’s finally happening next week.
  • Been puttering away on #music the odd night here and there. Finally, have the equipment to start recording and publishing little bits each night. Going to try that tonight if my dentist appointment doesn’t leave me ruined.
  • In personal news, starting a #keto diet. Doing the shopping in an hour, should be fun!

April 2017

March 2017


Although I don’t feel productive, things are good. Scheduling helped!

  • Finished a draft of #freelancing content. Took longer than expected.😪 Started with a design I didn’t like, and ended up redoing it. A reminder never to rush.
  • Been playing piano, recording to encourage good practice. Discovered I overcomplicate when playing, and have since benefited from lowering the # of chord changes I do. I’m improving, would love to release an album soon! #music
  • Got stuck in unity for #invasion, scheduled a call to go over things with a friend. Everything should be👌 tomorrow.
  • Had a good meeting for #patreon. Now have a list of launch tasks, and a deadline of 2 weeks for a content queue. I’m confident the content will be good, but am realistic that it’ll take time to gain traction and make it profitable.
  • Had a (slightly silly) idea around #minimalism. Going to restrict myself to one bowl, plate, utensil and bottle, and wash each every time. Might be nice not to use the dishwasher.

Did some scattered work today. A little bit on #invasion , some #music recording, but nothing substantial otherwise.

I’ve realized I need to start a habit of strictly scheduling what I’m doing and exactly when. I think I can attribute all of my success Monday to the great planning I did.

I’ll plan out the rest of today and tomorrow and report back!

February 2017


After some time off (exploring downtown Kamloops mostly), I did some interesting work. 😊

  • Dreaming about the future of #overture and writing up a plan. In particular, I’d like to write some music specifically for video to build up a portfolio. Also collaborate with a friend. I came up with some processes and how I could do it all efficiently in a short amount of time.
  • Small planning and edits for #Heroic
  • Did some planning for the Shakespeare score #music

December 2016


Updated my #music template so I can trigger every sound independent from the computer, direct from the keyboard. Nice! Also redid my music workspace. #overture

Churned out a lot of work for #Heroic over the past days. The Barbarian moves are all redone. All is left will be to strengthen the internal synergy, but I can already feel which direction I want to take it.

November 2016


Had great progress on #music. Mostly iteration over 1/3 pieces from the weekend. Also reading about composition techniques and interviews with composers I admire: Hans Zimmer, Olafur Arnalds, and Music.StackExchange threads. Beginning to understand how to create powerful dynamics! #overture

Also priotizing #reading. Moved from pocket to instapaper, working on small reads about productivity and presence in life. Really enjoying the process of reading, note taking, and internalizing. Recently had the epiffany that I’d like to prioritize this self-improvement reading over political commentary.


Forgot Mac charger at home, so no code today. Sad. ];

Signed up for winter semester, it’s been a year since school and is an exciting change! Liking my options, already have ideas for projects that would synchronize well with school. #school

Did research for #music , picked out chord progressions to play around with. Also cleared out my inbox, and stayed disciplined in terms of Toggl time tracking (Good suggestion @belle)! #productivity The graphs are hot.

August 2016


Have had a lull in work on personal projects lately. Whether fatigue, disenchantment, or something else I’m not sure. Either way, I am considering refocusing my activities around content creation for my projects. I’m doing too much, and need to evaluate what’s important!

Last night I “finished” my research for #Heroic . I’ve written down all of the ideas I like from various games, now I just need to sort and turn those ideas into mechanics.

Haven’t worked on #Relate , but I had a short meeting with my friend about it yesterday. I have a task to do today which shouldn’t be too hard. I will definitely feel more inclined to work on it if we meet more and I cut out what is superfluous.

Been weeks since I wrote / finished any #music . Tried writing something yesterday but the pieces weren’t coming together. Mostly a problem of me not working intelligently.

July 2016


Wrote a new song! #music Going to hold off on publishing it, as I want to release 10 songs in 10 consecutive weeks, and it would be nice to have a queue again.

Been falling behind on #projects lately. As an assertive measure to prevent the same from happening this week, I wrote a fleshed out 1000 word reflection on what I’m doing. If anything, it was better for my mind than it was for any specific plans / to do items I’ve written. We’ll see what difference it makes.


Making a deliberate choice today to not work on my projects. =D I’ve realized burnout and lack of perspective is an issue that plagues me throughout the dev. process, and I hope by taking a step back once and a while I can combat that. So goals for the day are simply, do different/new things, enjoy myself, and plan for the future.

Had great strides yesterday with #Relate . By having a proper Trello board that I check daily, I’ve really been able to make significantly more progress.

I still haven’t had any luck with #music (last song was 2-3 weeks ago), but I think my solution is near in sight. I need to be aggressive with closing my evening time off from electronic distractions. The only way I can focus in on music is when the chatter of media is away.

June 2016


Started further expanding the tools on the Storyeller side of things. #Heroic There will be sheets to handle Plots / events, Locales / features, characters / actions, etc. Whether it plays well is a different question, but this definitely feels like new ground that I’m treading in.

I do seem to be losing a bit of my passion for this, as I haven’t had as many playtests as I had hoped. I’ve decided to change my focus with Heroic to just getting it in the hands of as many people as fast as possible.

No #music last week! Again. D; I’m going to journal today about how to try and balance everything again. 1000 words minimum. While I’ve had odd weeks in the past where I seemed to be progressing steadily on everything, the last two have not been like that.


Wrote another song, Aer! #music I was aiming to write two to play catch up, but it never happened. This one gets really muffled in the middle, as I went overboard on the number of instruments, but I learned a lot from doing so. Mainly, to never let a project or task overstay it’s welcome. Love and affection for my creations often gets in the way of making new, better ones.

Still gearing up for a playtest. #Heroic. I was considering removing races from the game yesterday, and now I’ve convinced myself again that I need them. They are going to be a lot of work, but I’ve made a final decision to ignore them for now, until my classes are really good. #Heroic

And I got sick this weekend! Again! So not progress on #Relate. But I will integrate cards today. Most definitely.


Scheduled a playtest for #Heroic. It’s been far too long, but better late than never. Going to focus on having super tight, level one sheets. Honestly, I need to find a way to playtest every week. But that probably means releasing a digital playtest package. Hm, I’ll think on that.

#Relate is going well, the frontend looks very pretty. I’m going to integrate cards tomorrow. Found some great code examples that I’ll work through.

Super tired, so I don’t even know if I want to waste time with #music. The best thing would be to take a nap. Yeah… let’s do that.


Worked on #music a little last night, I currently have a rising ambient piece that I’m struggling to make sense of. It builds from frozen strings into a powerful mountain of noise, but I can’t find a melody to pair it with. I’ve tried:

  • fading it out
  • switching tones
  • switching pace

In order to destroy procrastination and writers block, I may publish a preview of it as is and move onto something else. I want to stick to my mantra of “finishing everything I start,” but being flexible doesn’t hurt! I may also go back to my drawing board of music theory.

Worked a little on #Heroic this week. Sent a preview of my sheets to a game designer friend, I was blown away by his praise. It’s unbelievably awesome to get praise from people you love, especially when you don’t depend on it for affirmation.

For #Relate, things have really been shaping up. My co-developer implemented tabs and facebook logic, and I’ve added some graphical niceties. Going to work on a cards implementation next!


Didn’t write a song this week - going to play catchup this week as I don’t want to lose this habit. #music I did get to test out my Storyteller sheet, while incomplete - was a great guide in GMing any system. #Heroic Not sure what my goals are for this week but I’ll be writing them down sometime this morning.

Had a great meeting with my business partners about #Relate. There may be some money coming in that will allow us to have dedicated time to develop this. Very exciting! Also mapped out our next week in terms of features we want to see completed. All in all, things are brightening up for that project.


Posted a new piano skit, I’ve managed to keep up my queue for #music which I’m quite happy about!

Also overhauled the starting mechanics for the #Heroic classes. There is a certain point though where it’s hard to think of anything original, and I start browsing online for inspiration for mechanics. I’m also in desperate need of playtesting my ideas… Oh well, with time.

May 2016


By keeping a rudimentary changelog, I can definitely see the progress I’m making with #Heroic. I have an inordinate amount of work ahead of me, and tracking of my changes keeps me on track, and proud of the strides I’ve made.

I’ve added a lot of fluff to the sheets yesterday and today, the goal for today and perhaps tomorrow is to get my sheet document organized enough so I can refocus on the design of class starting abilities.

Didn’t get to #music yesterday but looking forward to the perspective a break may give me.

P.S. Bah, allergies are the bane of micro projects.


Redoing some graphical stuff for the sheets, and considering some new ways to present the core mechanic. #Heroic Also been puttering away on two more songs, I may be able to develop a queue for #music

Finding my biggest challenge at the moment is getting momentum on programming #Relate a long day of work. My long commute is a barrier I can’t really fix, but having a nap after work might be my best option.


Wow… it’s been a while.

  • Heroic is steadily progressing. Started a really WIP bad version of the rules along with my changelog. The changelog is the most important thing at the moment, as most of my development is on building character sheets for the game. The rules of the game are still in flux, but I’d like to spend time this weekend updating what I have posted at the moment.
  • I immediately failed my goal of posting one song a week, but am playing catchup to kick failure in the butt. #music Last piece is a [piano skit ( I am mildly pleased with. When I publish my next proper song I’m going to attempt to do a better job of promoting it.
  • Haven’t worked on my self-improvement blogs for a while, which is fine. I was pushing myself too much. I still want to collect quotes on a regular basis and post them somewhere, pairing each of them with a unique color-toned image is too much right now. #ReviveWisdom

Published my song yesterday, very happy that I managed to write it in short spurts over six days! It feels good to do something you love after months away from it. Recorded a couple more sketches last night, I’ll come back to them this evening and see what listens best. #music

Didn’t get a playtest in this weekend, but I developed another queue for my blogs. #ReviveWisdom

For #Heroic I’ll be focusing on creating content over the next five days. I’m feeling lost this morning, so plan is to chart out my whole week in specific detail. I created three new classes last week (not bad!) and my initial feeling is to start adding progression to each class and get some feeling of what I want it to look like. A big spark of inspiration this weekend was the idea of adding resource management to each class. It would add some symmetry, and is an easy way to add depth if each class handles it in a unique way.

April 2016


Goal for today is to let go of my perfectionist tendencies and let the next playtest speak for itself. #Heroic I’ve written a lot of mechanics this week that seem fun, but are craving testing. “Great ideas aren’t developed in isolation”, I keep reminding myself.

I’ve had a lot of success with #music this week, switching gears and letting my conscious mind work on other pursuits sparks better ideas when I come back to the keys. I’ve finished a second section with a slower tone, the last challenge is to tie it together and adjust harmonies to clear up the dissonance.

I’m also going to work on setting up a newsletter for #ReviveWisdom tomorrow or tonight. I’d like to dwell on the quotes a bit and email them out regularly, even if it’s just a reminder to myself to internalize these great ideas I’m learning.


Worked 2-3 hours last night on tightening up my new song! #music

New strategy: Write / record new ideas on weekends, refine through week nights, and use daytime to listen back and brainstorm ways I can bolster the sound.


Managed to wake up early today, I feel good. Some days this biphasic sleeping feels amazing, others, not so much…

I’ve budgeted a lot of time today for project work. I will track everything in Toggl and report how I did. Among my goals are to get a lot of the hard work done for a fifth playtest of #Heroic, set myself up for daily posting on both my blogs, print out a playtest for a micro game I’m making, and maybe clean up my Mission and publish it somewhere.

Oh, and music. Definitely music. Play around on the piano, and actually record something for once. #music


Hosted a draft of my site on bitbucket, now I just need to heavily compress the images. Site takes 10 seconds to load… Tried out a some of Spitfire’s instruments yesterday. “Soft Piano” is a joy to play, I definitely will put it in the queue of samples for my next song. #music Also finished all of my co-op homework yesterday. Big relief. #school

Today? Planning to start a Trello board for each of my projects - give me a better view of my work ahead of me. And I’ve blocked off time for my Bitbucket transition, I hope to finish most of it tonight! #planning