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Overture Sound

Overture Sound

Building a music portfolio for freelancing.

February 2017


After some time off (exploring downtown Kamloops mostly), I did some interesting work. 😊

  • Dreaming about the future of #overture and writing up a plan. In particular, I’d like to write some music specifically for video to build up a portfolio. Also collaborate with a friend. I came up with some processes and how I could do it all efficiently in a short amount of time.
  • Small planning and edits for #Heroic
  • Did some planning for the Shakespeare score #music

Done! Totally underestimated my #Heroic work, but I’m finally (20 hours later) 90% full playtest completion.

Planning to loosen up the next few days, maybe go for a hike and not rush the final edits. Also will be pushing on some #overture related research.

December 2016


Updated my #music template so I can trigger every sound independent from the computer, direct from the keyboard. Nice! Also redid my music workspace. #overture

Churned out a lot of work for #Heroic over the past days. The Barbarian moves are all redone. All is left will be to strengthen the internal synergy, but I can already feel which direction I want to take it.


Lazy weekend, but I got some done.

  • Idea sort is taking longer than I thought but I’m close, real close. Lots of of great experiments to try in future (one by one). #minimalism
  • Also sorted my Drive, and merged Dropbox into it. Looking through old photos and memories was difficult and good.
  • Figured out how to automate Character Sheet generation in Google Docs. #heroic
  • Moved all my music stuff to a repo. Everything is united now, and I can experiment with using issues as my todolist. #overture

My break from the web has been great! Didn’t do a complete shutdown, but limited what I consumed. Definitely going to be a habit I strive to implement weekly. #productivity

The real affect showed in how much I was able to produce last week. Five songs! Very proud of this new momentum, feels great to work on what I love. #overture

November 2016


Great progress on #overture. Been super focused the last days and got 10+ hours of work done. Nice!

Also got inspiration from a recent Art of Manliness podcast to take an Internet fast. Goals: reclaim presence, build sense of self, be bored and inspired, get connected, and do work! Here goes nothing! #productivity


The Devil’s Christmas wrung me into purchasing all manner of fun sounds: tin flutes, glass synths, and drums of ice and metal. Although it’s been exceedingly fun, I’m making a note to ban myself from buying any more samples for a while. Big joyous distraction. #overture


Had great progress on #music. Mostly iteration over 1/3 pieces from the weekend. Also reading about composition techniques and interviews with composers I admire: Hans Zimmer, Olafur Arnalds, and Music.StackExchange threads. Beginning to understand how to create powerful dynamics! #overture

Also priotizing #reading. Moved from pocket to instapaper, working on small reads about productivity and presence in life. Really enjoying the process of reading, note taking, and internalizing. Recently had the epiffany that I’d like to prioritize this self-improvement reading over political commentary.


This long weekend has been a real blessing. I’ve gained serious momentum.

  • Close to reading all data from the website I’m parsing. Feels good, as I can’t wait to start on UI! #WireApp
  • Started a song! Love Spitfire Audio samples. I was finding my 88 key midi keyboard to be overkill, so I’ve downsized to work with my 24 one. Feels good to have everything close at hand. #Overture

Lazy day, woke up late. Running is rewarding, and good for my sleep!

  • Quality checked my music site and added Drift #overture
  • Overhauled my Notion book, frontloaded goals and simplified categories for bigger productivity. Feels great!
  • Started looking at new timetracking systems. Anyone have any suggestions? This would be incredible if it was Android.

Yesterday was decent: finished a big revision on my website (wasn’t happy with it before), had some family time with dad, went for a run, but ended up not being able to sleep - and waking up sick today! I’ve managed to do couple easy tasks so far.

  • Set up Github pages site for music portfolio (with domain) #overture-sound
  • Organized my Notion workbook

We’ll see what else I can do today, I’ll need to limit how much election coverage I take in tonight. I’ve heard I can have too much of a good thing. 😬