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January 2017


Since I’m working Mon, Tue, Wed at #rescuetime now I probably won’t have many early-week logs. But Thursdays and Fridays are #HelloCode days so here’s a #laterlog for yesterday:

  • Paid my latest #tax instalment
  • Cleared out my inbox (mostly)
  • Followed up most of the #changemap tasks for #exist that came in over the past week
  • Wrote up the Hello Code monthly report for December and drafted a matching #blog post
  • Worked on bug fixes for #exist for #ios, sent a new version to TestFlight, and tried to submit a new version to the App Store but iTunesConnect was broken yet again.

December 2016


Since my holidays are nearly over, I enjoyed a day of boring, grown-up stuff today:

  • Found my lost super accounts and rolled them into one (seriously! I never thought I’d actually get around to doing this)
  • Researched super accounts and set up a new one with good returns
  • Set up automatic payments for my super, since I don’t have an employer to pay into it for me (and it turns out the mandatory employer payments aren’t even enough for a comfortable retirement)
  • Set up a new Fastmail account since I’ve been having trouble with Gmail aliases and mail not getting through to me
  • Researched savings accounts and set up a new bank and savings account with higher interest than I’m getting currently

31 Dec 2016

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It’s holiday time this week, but also stinking hot so I haven’t been doing much. A little #drawing yesterday which was fun. Also worked on some blogging today and yesterday. I have a whole stack of drafts that need to be edited and published on my #blog now, including:

  • My 2016 year in review
  • My must-have apps for 2016
  • My thoughts on switching from iOS to Android for good
  • A recap on my fountain pen journey in 2016
  • A recap on my planner journey in 2016
  • An update on my 2017 planner setup

And I still need to draft a post about the habits I tried to build in 2016. Phew! #writing


Last week I did some ad-hoc work for my new job. #laterlog

This week I’m on holidays so it’s all about relaxing!

Today we got back from holiday travel so I’m quite tired and it’s very hot. But I did send off a new version of #exist for #ios to beta testers that fixes some bugs.


A very late #laterlog to mention that @josh and I spent all afternoon Sunday #pairprogramming to implement a new feature in #exist for #ios: in-app notifications! We’ve had these for a while in the web app, so users are alerted when we’ve made a major change like adding a new feature or integration, but not on mobile. Josh recently added them to the Android app and was kind enough to help me get them done on iOS in an afternoon. Just need to do some testing now, but hopefully I’ll be able to release a small update with this feature included soon!


My passion for working on #exist for #ios has been reignited! I sent out the latest update including lots of new Apple Health data (workouts, nutrition, active minutes, heart rate) to the App Store this week, so I’m just waiting for it to be reviewed.

For some reason we had a bunch of users all asking us for menstrual tracking over the past week or so, and it’s something I’ve always planned to get from #healthkit but haven’t gotten to yet. So after sending out that update I was really motivated to explore getting menstrual data from Apple Health. Exist doesn’t support it yet but I’ve started working on getting the data anyway. I think my motivation really wanes when I’m working on bug fixes. It’s a very slow, difficult, lonely process for me, and I often struggle to replicate bugs and feel like updates just get stuck in limbo for ages while I worry about how to fix all the bugs. But starting a new feature is always fun and exciting—and a lot faster these days than it was a couple years ago!


Finished off my second #client #content article for the week today, as well as editing two previous articles.

Also signed an official job offer today! I’ll talk more about that in the future, but the paperwork is done so it’s real! No more freelancing for a while 😊🎉


Had two calls this week relating to my work situation for 2017. Nothing official yet, but something very promising in the works, and hopefully I can announce that soon.

Other than that I’ve been just slogging through all my #client #content work lately. Today I wrote up a new draft and edited another article that was due today.

November 2016


Spent quite a bit of time putting together new pitches for #client #content work this afternoon. A couple of my clients have cut back my workload, so I’m in panic mode again about having enough work in the future. A stop gap job isn’t very good if it’s not stable while you work on your side project! Debating different options for improving that situation, but don’t want to take my focus off #HelloCode if I can help it.

Also published a planner review on my #blog that I’ve been meaning to finish for a while, and wrote up a long post about my analogue planner setup for next year. And did some final edits on another draft I had waiting, so I think I’ll hit my goal of publishing 4 posts on my blog this month!

Also published a short post on the #exist blog and sent it out in the blog #newsletter.


Yesterday I finished up my #client #content work for the week. Really need to get onto client work earlier in future weeks so it doesn’t bleed into my weekend. I’m also adjusting my schedule to take on more client work in working weeks, but have one week off every month.

Also caught up with a friend on Friday who’s been travelling for more than a year. It was nice to catch up, but it made me realise how little progress I’ve made in the past year, which made me sad. I’d planned to be working full-time on #HelloCode by the end of this year but we’ve struggled to grow so much that end of next year is looking more likely. #laterlog


Ahh keep forgetting to log lately! Here’s what I’ve done over the past couple days:

October 2016


Forgetting to log lately! This week I haven’t had any #client work to do apart from scheduling and emails and the like. So I’ve been working on a new guide/package/book kind of project. I’ve been spending a bit more time playing with my new Pixel than working so far, but I’m hoping to squeeze in the rest of the first draft before the week is out.


I’ve been refreshing the Google Store orders page all day, waiting for my new Pixel phone to ship! It’s finally shipped now, so I’m refreshing the parcel tracking page instead 😏

In other news, I did quite the catch-up today on #client #content work. I drafted two of my three articles due this week, and followed up all my client emails. Looks like with another productive day tomorrow I’ll have the weekend free for #exist for #ios work.


HUGE day of #exist for #ios today. I made a new settings screen to handle all the new #healthkit data I’ve been adding, made some changes to how I get HealthKit data to make it more generic, fixed some bugs, and added a bunch of new constants to replace hard-coded values.

I also sent a new build of the #location branch to #TestFlight for beta testers, and took up a big chunk of @josh’s day trying to figure out why I kept getting intermittent 412 errors from the Exist server. (Turned out to be an issue with the default cache policy of NSURLRequest.)


Wrote and sent a #client #content article today. Also set up a short Google form to send to my clients to get some feedback on my work, so I can keep improving. Sent it out to two clients today and got one response already. This morning I started drafting a new, short writing project I’ve had in mind for a little while, and also started working on another project I thought of today. Both shouldn’t take too long, but I need to be disciplined enough to get them finished and released!


After playing with #healthkit in #exist for #ios yesterday I was on a roll, so today I tried adding some code to the app that makes HealthKit tell me when data updates, so I can do a better job of keeping user data in sync, which has been really tricky so far.

Also tried adding weight data from HealthKit, but we decided it’s better to leave that until the infrastructure changes @josh is working on are done, as it’ll be easier to keep it updated then. But after removing weight, I did add heart rate, active minutes (they weren’t available when I first added steps), and workouts!

I also did some good work along the way to make my code more generic, which should make it more stable and easier to diagnose bugs in the future. Down with magic numbers!

Phew. Plenty of testing still to be done but I’m really happy with how much I got done this weekend.


Sent an update of #exist for #ios to #TestFlight for review yesterday, with a bug fix and some improvements to #location tracking. Getting closer to releasing location!

After that I made a new branch and had a play with grabbing food data from #applehealth and sending it to Exist. It was simpler than I thought, but surprisingly hard to find an app to put the data into Apple Health correctly in the first place. #laterlog

September 2016


Wrote and scheduled the first monthly email for participants in my #monthlyreview project. It’ll go out on the 1st, but it’s nice to know it’s done and schedule now.

Also started drafting another personal essay/feature-style article. No idea where I’ll pitch this one to (I should be writing with a publication and audience in mind, supposedly, but I just wanted to make some progress so I jumped in). It’s fun to write in this style, so much nicer than what I normally do. I can feel it flowing more easily, and I can tell it’s going to be fun to read as I’m writing it. Also makes me feel better about my #writing skills.

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