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December 2016


Finished off my second #client #content article for the week today, as well as editing two previous articles.

Also signed an official job offer today! I’ll talk more about that in the future, but the paperwork is done so it’s real! No more freelancing for a while 😊🎉


Had two calls this week relating to my work situation for 2017. Nothing official yet, but something very promising in the works, and hopefully I can announce that soon.

Other than that I’ve been just slogging through all my #client #content work lately. Today I wrote up a new draft and edited another article that was due today.

November 2016


Spent quite a bit of time putting together new pitches for #client #content work this afternoon. A couple of my clients have cut back my workload, so I’m in panic mode again about having enough work in the future. A stop gap job isn’t very good if it’s not stable while you work on your side project! Debating different options for improving that situation, but don’t want to take my focus off #HelloCode if I can help it.

Also published a planner review on my #blog that I’ve been meaning to finish for a while, and wrote up a long post about my analogue planner setup for next year. And did some final edits on another draft I had waiting, so I think I’ll hit my goal of publishing 4 posts on my blog this month!

Also published a short post on the #exist blog and sent it out in the blog #newsletter.


Yesterday I finished up my #client #content work for the week. Really need to get onto client work earlier in future weeks so it doesn’t bleed into my weekend. I’m also adjusting my schedule to take on more client work in working weeks, but have one week off every month.

Also caught up with a friend on Friday who’s been travelling for more than a year. It was nice to catch up, but it made me realise how little progress I’ve made in the past year, which made me sad. I’d planned to be working full-time on #HelloCode by the end of this year but we’ve struggled to grow so much that end of next year is looking more likely. #laterlog


Ahh keep forgetting to log lately! Here’s what I’ve done over the past couple days:

October 2016


Forgetting to log lately! This week I haven’t had any #client work to do apart from scheduling and emails and the like. So I’ve been working on a new guide/package/book kind of project. I’ve been spending a bit more time playing with my new Pixel than working so far, but I’m hoping to squeeze in the rest of the first draft before the week is out.


I’ve been refreshing the Google Store orders page all day, waiting for my new Pixel phone to ship! It’s finally shipped now, so I’m refreshing the parcel tracking page instead 😏

In other news, I did quite the catch-up today on #client #content work. I drafted two of my three articles due this week, and followed up all my client emails. Looks like with another productive day tomorrow I’ll have the weekend free for #exist for #ios work.


Wrote and sent a #client #content article today. Also set up a short Google form to send to my clients to get some feedback on my work, so I can keep improving. Sent it out to two clients today and got one response already. This morning I started drafting a new, short writing project I’ve had in mind for a little while, and also started working on another project I thought of today. Both shouldn’t take too long, but I need to be disciplined enough to get them finished and released!

September 2016


What a day! Powered through all my #client #content email work - planning deadlines, pitching new ideas, etc. That’s one of the worst parts of my job, for sure. Also did some editing for an article I submitted last week. Good to have that done.


Yesterday I did an interview for a podcast, and otherwise spent most of the day reading and working on topic ideas to pitch for #client #content work. Feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment, as there’s plenty of client work to do, and work on #exist to be done, but I also really want to work on a bunch of ideas to increase my product income so I can rely less on freelancing. Too much to do! #laterlog


#uni day today. Watched this week’s lecture and read my textbook. Also did some research into magazines I could pitch for work. Learning very little overall, so pretty sure I won’t keep going with this degree when this unit is over. Considering switching to a psychology degree instead, as I think that would be applicable to my #writing work, but I need to think it over some more.

Also followed up some emails but I’m putting off pitching new #client #content work. Pitching is the bane of my existence these days. It’s like pulling teeth, and never gets any easier. I don’t know how other writers do it.


Finally got through all my #client #content work for the week. Not sure why I’ve been so slow at this lately, but this week was extra hard because I took on one more article than I normally would. Anyway, all done and sent off so I can relax and enjoy the #AFL tonight :)


Forgot to log yesterday! Here’s what I did:

  • Sent off 3 #client invoices for last week
  • Finally edited a client #content article I’d been struggling with, and sent it off
  • Pitched some new topics to a client (100% were accepted! yay!)
  • Figured out (sort of) an #xcode issue I was having with provisioning profiles so I could send an update of #exist for #ios to my beta testers
  • sent my weekly #newsletter
  • did some reading for #uni

Tried editing a #client #content article today but had too much trouble figuring out what my editors wanted, so had to email them for clarification.

After that I realised I was late to complete a mandatory #uni quiz and reading thing about academic integrity, so I did that.

Also put up some of my unused fountain pens and ink for sale, and went to the post office this afternoon to send off a couple that sold.


Aha! I may be finally getting my groove back. Today felt like my most productive for a while. Here’s what I did in the afternoon:

  • Outlined and drafted a #client #content article due this week
  • Emailed a couple of people who might be interested in my new #monthlyreview project
  • Sent pitches to two clients
  • Edited a client article from last week
  • Responded to all my emails #inboxzero
  • Followed up client feedback on another article from last week
  • Made some final edits to a post for my #blog

Caught up a bit today. Finally figured out my feature article idea and the magazine I’ll pretend to be pitching to (thanks @josh for the help). Hopefully it’ll be approved so I can get it done soon.

Also did some editing for a #client #content article I submitted last week, sent some #guestpost pitches that had been waiting for a couple of weeks, drafted a #guestpost that’s due this week, and started some #research #sketchnotes for one of this week’s client articles.


Started today with a productive morning, fixing some bugs in #exist for #ios before lunch. After lunch I started on my second #client #content article for the week, but got stuck with some confusion about how to proceed with the topic, and had to wait for confirmation from my editor. While I was waiting I watched my lecture and did the readings for week 1 of #uni.