Keep a social journal of your work progress as you make and learn things.


✅ started off the morning at 6:00am with a good herbal tea and #yoga practice (both yesterday and this morning). Planning on keeping it up.

✅ finished reviewing #RememeringSimplifiedHanzi lessons studied so far. I had planned to be done with them yesterday but that’s all right, what I really care about is to keep going.

❌ not worked enough, either for job I or job II. I need to be more serious on this.

❌ I’m still putting off some emails that I have to write. Time to address them once and for all.

✅ finally organized some scattered #blog ideas. Way to go.

Just discovered that I scored 194/200 in my HSK 2 test! So happy 😍🎉🎊✨


Congrats on your test score!

13 March