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April 2017

March 2017


More #website construction today. Trying to simplify things a touch. Focusing more on my blogging than the community aspects, though it’ll still be around in a “bonus” capacity, so to speak. Studying for #school will commence tomorrow since Spring Break is nearly over. :(


Finished with two midterms at #school. Just one more until I can call it Spring Break! Still got lots of #work to do though. Tigger the #cat got sick this evening though. Will be keeping a close eye on him in case we decide he needs veterinary attention. Sure hope not. Poor little guy! :(


Second evening/morning staying up ridiculously late to work on #school work. Hoping tomorrow will be different now that I’ve completed most of this session in my Informatics course. Barely touched my #website redesign in the process. Pretty sure Rufus the #kitten thinks I’m ignoring him. Thankfully I don’t return to #work until Wednesday morning! Signed up for a #littlelogs account in the meantime. It’ll log my progress in everything. Basically my life’s changelog. How exciting?