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March 2017


Hired my replacement, recorded an audition, researched new workstation parts for the new kid to build his box with.


Kicked out a stage plot, tested, inventoried, & moved out a bunch of (heavy) sound & lighting equipment for various gigs this weekend, interviewed a computer nerd kid to be my replacement.


Wrote up & posted my Jr. Sysadmin job position opening to a couple sites, fielded the first few responses. In the #studio, hosted and recorded an actress’s television audition piece, then staged and recorded a country soloist’s promo. yay lighting


Received my first feature request for my illuminated #DJ #table from a customer, I’ll be going in and drawing up blueprints for a equipment cover addition. Researched moving #Exchange into the clown. Edited two incoming videos. Meeting about website traffic and search results. Recorded a bootleg of some webinar thing for the boss.

February 2017


Setup the #stage for a Michael Jackson tribute show’s full band rehearsal. Drew up a stage plot, equipment returns inventory. Meeting to be told that office I.T. network, computers, server stuff isn’t important, to instead put it all in the #cloud to save the company money. Staaaage


Threw the kid into a studio for cute-af missing-front-teeth jpegs. Threw the kid into a helicopter for exciting flight over vegas experience. His 2nd time in helicopter

26 February

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Pulled copies of 2016’s web access logs and current database from production’s webserver, cut out sample/example data to share with a possible vendor. Ran 2014, 2015, and 2016 web access logs through my analytics, created reports.

Very frustrated: generally same quantity of visitors monthly over the years, but a huge decline in pages-viewed per-visitor when company switched away from my own custom #webapp & design to some outside designer house with their code the company spend a ton of money on. 15 pages per visitor down to 7 – My web app encouraged exploring, comparing, discovering. New version’s “SEO improvements” clearly didn’t make a difference in drawing in visitors, I was already there on my original effort.

July 2016


All-day flight into Charlotte, North Carolina for annual Veterans of Foreign Wars annual convention, where I will direct the video stuff. Unpacked and tested my gear.

21 Jul 2016

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June 2016

March 2016

February 2016


Banging out some #post-production cuts and color. Tested out a fancy Yamaha USB mixer, couldn’t get audio from the timeline to play cleanly. Screenie

January 2016


Spent the new year on I.T. #chores: configured the new FreeNAS box with a jail to serve the old snapshot of the company website, 30 gig rsync from the old VPS. Dragged gear & equipment back to the upstairs #studio from NYE gigs.

December 2015